Open Monument Day 2019: Tips for Saxony

Chemnitz: city bath

The Stadtbad is a masterpiece of the new Chemnitz building. At the time, it was one of the most modern indoor pools in Europe. It was designed by the architect Fred Otto and completed in 1935. Although the shell of the building looks simple and practical, the elegance of the interior decoration is captivating. In the entrance, there are works of art, among others. by Bruno Ziegler. The building was completely renovated during the GDR from 1980 to 1983 and was maintained permanently.

Where and what
Stadtbad Chemnitz
Mill Street 27
09111 Chemnitz

Guided tours: 10:00 to technology; 14:00 on the history of construction
Limited number of people; Pre-registration at the Stadtbad ticket office under the 0371/488 5248 required

Crimmitschau: Tuchfabrik Gebruder Pfau

The Tuchfabrik Gebrüder Pfau retains a unique plant and machinery unit in Europe. From 1885 to 1990, hundreds of thousands of meters of different materials were produced here. A factory tour gives an overview of the wool production delivered on the spinning and weaving process to the packaging of the product ready for shipment; from flake to finished fabric. In addition, visitors will see through the exhibition "Clothes make people ?!" out.

Where and what
Museum of Saxon Industry: Tuchfabrik Gebruder Pfau
Leipziger Straße 125
08451 Crimmitschau

Open from 10:00 to 17:00
Guided tours from 10am to 2pm in the production rooms, from 4pm to the exhibition "Clothes make people ?!" with curator Constanze König.
Students at Crimmitschau's Julius-Motteler gymnasium study how clothes are made, sold, consumed and recycled.

Dresden: Villa Mary Wigman

Mary Wigman is considered the pioneer of expressive rhythmic dance, which has become famous as a new German dance. The historicist villa Bautzner Straße was used by dancer, dance teacher and choreographer Mary Wigman from 1920 to 1943 as a place of residence and activity. There, she founded an independent modern dance education. To do this, Otto Geiler enlarged the building in 1927 to include a liaison building with two dance studios and a 200 square meter hall. The expressive color palette of the interiors ensures a special atmosphere.

Only the day of the open monument, the house is open, the efforts of a club. The aim is to preserve and enlarge the old school building "as a cultural and historical place as well as a rehearsal, production and mediation center for contemporary dance and other free performing arts".

Where and what
Villa Mary Wigman
Bautzner Strasse 107
01099 Dresden

Guided tours: 11h00 and 13h00, duration approximately 1 hour

Görlitz: Kaufhaus zum Strauss

Built in 1913, the department store is one of Görlitz's most important Art Nouveau buildings. The vaulted interior of a glass construction, as well as the quality of the equipment in its modern design idiom are impressive.

Where and what
Ostrich department store
At the Notre-Dame Church 5-7
02826 Görlitz

Open from 10:00 to 18:00, only open monument day

Grimma Grossbothen: Wilhelm Ostwald Park

Ostwald received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1909 for his work in the field of catalysis, but also made himself known as a philosopher of nature. After being a professor at the University of Leipzig, he moved with his family to the seven-acre estate of the "House of Energy". In addition to the original library with about 14,000 titles, scientific equipment and self-built work instruments, the museum's collection also contains 4,000 paintings and worksheets, as well as objects for color theory. The most extraordinary object is a double cone with 680 squares of different colors that Ostwald himself has produced to illustrate his color theory. Oriented to the international activities of Ostwald, for example at Harvard, the purpose of this institution is the scientific and cultural exchange.

Where and what
Wilhelm Ostwald Park
Grimmaer Street 25
04668 Grimma / OT Großbothen

Open from 9:00 to 17:00

Action: Centrifuges in the orchard of Wilhelm Ostwald: how should the apple on the tree be pressed? And how does the juice come in bottles or tetrapaks? Preschool and elementary age children are invited to get to the bottom of things. It is washed, crushed, pressed and bottled.

Leipzig: "Georg Maurer" district library in Plagwitz and "Walter Hofmann" in the southern suburbs

The Georg-Maurer Library was opened in 1929 as the first library building in the city of Leipzig. The building was designed in the Bauhaus style by the architect Otto Fischbeck. The Südvorstadt District Library was founded in 1915 by Dresden Librarian Walter Hofmann as a public library. In 1930, this second Leipzig municipal library was transferred to Steinstrasse. The Bauhaus style building has been specially designed for the library. As the main library of Leipzig, it is an important cultural meeting place.

Where and what
Plagwitz District Library
Zschochersche Strasse 14
04229 Leipzig-Plagwitz

Guided tour at 11:00, theme: Discover the Bauhaus!

Südvorstadt District Library
Stone Road 42
04275 Leipzig

Guided tour at 11:00, theme: Discover the Bauhaus!

Löbau: Pasta factory Anchor

The Schminke house in Löbau looks like a steamer, stranded in Upper Lusatia. It is one of the most beautiful houses of architectural modernism and it is full of stories: children immersed in portholes, a passionate dance and the family of a passionate pasta maker, Fritz Schminke, and his ingenious master of work, Hans Scharoun, according to his plans 1930 and 1933 was built.

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