Open Monuments Day in Monheim: Overview of the Mack Pyramid and Refinery of Culture

The Monheim Cultural Center will open the Mack Pyramid from 11am to 2pm and the future K714 cultural refinery from 3pm to 6pm as part of the Open Monument day on Sunday, September 8th.

Under the slogan "Modern (s): breakthroughs in art and architecture", this year's action day offers the opportunity to visit 15 monuments in Monheim. Martin Witkowski, Intendant and Managing Director of Monheimer Kulturwerke, offers six guided tours in total.

From 11h to 14h, tours of the pyramid Mack, long closed, are organized. The artist Zero, Heinz Mack, built, from 1987 to 1990, in collaboration with the architect Horst Schmitges, the construction project of Opladener Road. His artistic work is characterized by a constant experimentation of matter, light and movement. This is how the pyramid came into being: a steel and glass installation with a constantly moving play of light inside the building.
The Alte Fassabfüllhalle on the banks of the Monheim Rhine also fascinates in the light of day.

With two guided tours at 3 pm and 5 pm, the future K714 cultural refinery will also be open to the public that day. Before the building hosts an exhibition of the artist Markus Lüpertz for four weeks from 21 September, the cultural organizations of Monheim invite visitors to a journey back in time, from the past to the future, during which Martin Witkowski will explain and will report on the reconstruction of the building. what customers could expect after opening in 2023.

Anyone wishing to discover Mack's works or the K714 Cultural Refinery on September 8th can sign up for a guided tour of the customer center of the Monheim Cultural Center, Rathausplatz 20. The number of participants is limited. Further information can be obtained by phone at 02173 276444 or by email at

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