The day of the open monument, discover the traces of the past

The Open Monument Day will be marked by the anniversary of the Bauhaus this year. Many institutions in Wilhelmshaven participate.

A look inside the Kunsthalle. Photo: Mahlstedt / p

A look inside the Kunsthalle. Photo: Mahlstedt / p

Wilhelmshaven/ mh – Since 1993, the German Foundation for the Protection of Monuments has been coordinating the National Open Monument Day. The biggest cultural event in Germany will take place this Sunday, September 8th. On the occasion of the centenary of the Bauhaus, the motto is: "Modern (e): breakthroughs in art and architecture".

In many places, the revolutionary ideas or the technical progress that make up a monument are the focus of attention. Because what seems old was not always old: "Most monuments that we take for granted were modern and revolutionary at the time of their creation. We would like to discover their traces together on the day of the open monument, "says Dr. Steffen Skudelny of the foundation's board of directors.

Also in Wilhelmshaven, various events are organized that day, coordinated by the office of culture of the city. The Kunsthalle on Adalbertstraße 28 is open from 11h to 17h. The exhibition "Götzendämmerung" by Moritz Götze is on display. In addition, Christoph Goritz, President of the Association of Friends of the Arts, participated in a guided tour at 3 pm devoted to the theme "Architecture in the Bauhaus Estate". Meanwhile, Hannes Griesemann and Philipp Klein lead through City Hall at 14, 15 and 16 hours. It is "The castle at the seaside", as it is also called the town hall of Wilhelmshavenern. The meeting point is in front of the main entrance, Rathausplatz 1.

At the same time, the historic bus, built in Jadestadt in 1954, begins at this location. It is located between the town hall and other monuments.

This is an excerpt. The full article can be read in the "Wilhelmshavener Zeitung" from Thursday, September 5, 2019. Available in all usual outlets and also ePaper.

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