Would you live in a tiny house?

An increasing number of people reject large homes and large mortgages and buy tiny homes that are comfortable and easily removable. Leading the way is the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. The question is, could you see yourself living in one?

The Tumbleweed Tiny House website:

An interesting blog about living in Tiny Houses:

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Get Home to Travel: Inside the Small House Movement where more and more Americans have rejected the tradition of a simpler – and cheaper – way of life
• The Tiny House Movement is a growing group of people who are happy to reduce their living space and enjoy simplified lives as a result
• While the average American home is about 2600 square feet, the typical small or small home is about 100-400 square feet
• Buyers can be any of the millennials and newlyweds who want to avoid a three-year mortgage with reduced pensions.
By David McCormack
Read the article here:

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