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A village house for Schöngras – communities


Integrate the church in the village and form a meeting place for beautiful grunts: this is the goal of plans for a multi-purpose house.

By Agnes Feuerer

September 11, 2019


The new community center of the village must be built on this area below the church. Photo: Agnes Feuerer

Bruck.Some time ago, the villager Hans Frankl was visited by villagers
Application for a village community house. During a simple village renovation
this wish should now be granted.

Mayor Frankl was interested in the fire department last Monday
invited to an information evening. Also present were Lukas Wiesner from the Office for Rural
Development (ALE) and architect Christian Steinberger, graduate engineer (FH). That
Beautiful grass theme burns on the nails, showed the very good visit of the event.
For the presentation, Mayor Frankl indicated that he was at the Office of Rural Development.
realized that, in the context of the simple renewal of the village, the establishment of a system of
Multipurpose building financially.

Citizens should participate

Lukas Wiesner of ALE first explained the differences between a village renewal
and a simple village renewal (eDE). The goal is the lasting improvement
living, living, working and environmental conditions. For this village revival to succeed,
to be an active citizen helps very desired. You receive suggestions from the population
Of course, take into account.

The architect Christian Schönberger, a qualified engineer (FH), presented his plans for the
Village house with great approval. Photo: Agnes Feuerer

But not only the conversion of roads, paths and places will be done by the renewal of the village
promoted, even private property falls under this funding opportunity. Then he approached
on funding possibilities and amount of funding and clearly shown on the basis of photos
the results of an eDE in other villages.

The architect Steinberger emphasized at the beginning of his remarks: "We have a sport
Task in front of us ", because he did not have a complete plan, but wanted the village house
to adapt to the given conditions and for that he needs the suggestions and wishes of these,
who will use this house.

The church is no longer involved in the village

With the help of an aerial photo, he showed the structure of the village and it turned out that
The beautiful church is no longer integrated into the village, like all around several buildings
have been demolished. His idea was to build the village house near the church,
create a village square at the same time. This village house should be in communication
be created with the designation of a new construction zone. This construction zone should
not too big, but rather designed as a round of the village. Should also
the view of the church does not suffer under any circumstances from new buildings.

Schöngras District Renewal Village

  • Simple village renewal:

    After the development program of the Bavarian villages, the center
    Improvement of village areas and improvement of the quality of life there.
    This may mean, for example, improving some village areas in terms of design
    or redevelop empty or dilapidated buildings or reuse them
    l & # 39; offer. Unlike a complete village, renewal is for the "simple"
    Variant No formal procedure prescribed.

  • Village renewal in Schöngras:

    In addition to building the planned village center with the village square, Lukas explained
    Wiesner from the Office of Rural Development, as part of the information evening, means a simple
    Village renewed in Schöngras for citizens, that they too
    for bigger transformations in the private sector – whether on the front of the house
    or, for example, in the garden area visible from the outside – grants from
    Rural Development Office. (TAF)

His plan also includes farmers around the new
Construction areas have their surfaces and should not be restricted. The village house
would arise at the place imagined by him below the church, would, by the
field course, a two-story building pop up.

In the basement, so that the architect, the equipment of the gardening association can be landscaped
and up, which would then be accessible at ground level, could be a room, a
small common room and kitchen, as well as toilet place find. his
The question at the meeting was what the beautiful herbs were waiting for.

A playground would be nice

Those present were very impressed by the idea of ​​the village square.
found a broad agreement. In addition, it has been suggested that in this village house also
A playground should be created and a sufficient number of parking spaces should be available. then
The wishes are in the details and Steinberger has promised until the next meeting
take all of this into account and incorporate it into future plan proposals.

Finally, Mayor Frankl spoke again about the new construction zone.
At a market council meeting, he had originally a much larger board
Proposed construction area. The counselors would not have wanted to pass this through,
but rather wanted to involve the population in the decision.

It was a good suggestion, showed the great rejection to which the project
in the presence of the event info met. In the final vote
those present voted almost unanimously for the smaller construction area. At the planned
For its part, Village Community House was heard by many: "Der Plan vom Steinberger,
It's okay! "

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