AMD Roadmap for CPUs and GPUs until 2022

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On the Internet, a current AMD roadmap is circulating, which updates the latest knowledge of May. This roadmap titled "AMD Corporate Deck-September 2019" covers AMD projects to 2022 horizon.

In May, AMD's latest roadmap had been organized by an investor and analyst conference, which was updated to become AMD Corporate Deck – September 2019. It charts the future in 2022 and gives a rough idea of ​​what to expect from the Sunnyvale chip maker.

As usual at AMD, there are no concrete products. One is mainly limited to architectures, which must then be assigned roughly to the products. So, the roadmap now provides four updates of Zen. Zen Plus was the first update of the architecture and this should go at least until Zen 4. The Zen 3 design is over and should fit into an improved 7 nm process on the market. Zen 4 is in the design phase and we expect an improved process at 7 nm. For the first time, you will see the architectures in the server processors. This was the usual practice at AMD. Zen 3 will enter the server market under the name of Milan, Zen 4 as Genoa – the latter will certainly not be before 2021/2022. Zen 5 is not visible on the road map, but has already been mentioned.

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AMD Corporate Deck - September 2019 (12)

Source: AMD

AMD Corporate Deck - September 2019 (14)

Source: AMD

By 2020, you can expect an improved graphical architecture. AMD had introduced RDNA this year, a primarily reduced and improved GCN architecture for the gaming market. To reflect the changes, the architecture has been renamed. We now know that it is probably the way to bring back AMD to Nvidia. Next time, we want to prove that with RDNA 2, again in the improved process at 7 nm. High hopes are also on the big chips – until now, AMD is only in the middle class. For RDNA 2, native ray tracing support is expected. For consoles, the technology arrives at the end of next year when the model will be modified.

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Once again, Threadripper 3000 and its input / output hub are under discussion: Castle Rock processors have now been confirmed at PCI-SIG, while the EEC chipset has appeared. But this will only start in November and not in October with Intel.

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