Areal in Pankow – Berlin now has a Chinatown – Berlin

Berlin – A wild property is suddenly rebuilt with a martial barrier. Concrete base, top of metal bars with dangerous tips. This wall is 3.20 meters high and 530 meters long. Many inhabitants of Neumannstraße (Pankow) look Spanish – but it's done for China!

The entire construction project near the Vinetastraße metro station is seized. No building board, only the address of an architect from Hamburg: Andreas Schuberth (47).

<img class = "zoomable undulating photo" src = " / 1, w = 1280, c = 0. picture.jpg "width =" 1280 "alt =" The building site was bequeathed by the GDR of the People's Republic "data-zoom-title =" The building site was bequeathed by the GDR to the People's Republic

Photo: Ralf Lutter

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The yard has already bequeathed the GDR of the People's RepublicPhoto: Ralf Lutter

The region had been given by the GDR to the People's Republic. The Federal Republic has confirmed the agreement after the turn. Later, China demanded a barter because the prefabricated building between Schönhauser and Prenzlauer Allee was not exactly 1a.

However, with rising rents, the Chinese are now planning apartments, offices and recreational activities for embassy staff. A little secret Chinatown.

The architect Schuberth has often worked with Chinese people. He built the Ling Bao hotel experience in Phantasialand (Brühl), the Chinese Embassy in Berne (Switzerland), but never in the Middle Kingdom.

"Regardless of whether the fence appeals to Berlin or not, Berlin has a special duty of protection against the premises of an embassy or consulate, including private homes of diplomats," Petra said. Rohland, spokesman for the Building Council.

An application for Pankow buildings does not exist yet. "Last week, a construction delegation from the Foreign Ministry was on hand," said architect Schuberth.

Soon a construction sign on 15,000 square meters.