New construction apartments Haus am Mühlbach

The living areas with loggia, kitchen, bathroom, 24 hour emergency call and on-demand services offer the elderly a high living comfort. On the ground floor are also the lobby, the Spitex, a retirement home, a gym and the municipal children's garden.

The leaves of the trees become slightly discolored, the sun's rays do not seem as strong through the foliage as a few weeks ago. the
Autumn is therefore the best time to visit the new Alterssiedlung Bodmer residential building on the occasion of the Open House. Because when planning the attractive
Shadow and light, forest and garden set the tone for the project. "The plot lies under the forest, borders the Mühlbach and has pretty gardens, nature shapes the surroundings and creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere, which is why our aim was to preserve this atmosphere as much as possible", says Andrej Turcan , architect at Fanzun, explaining the idea underlying the architecture of the new building. The game with the shadow and light made it especially to the architect in this project. "Light is an extremely important source of energy for physical health and mental well-being." At Bodmer, seniors can benefit from it, says Turcan, so the house on the Mühlbach offers places that are flooded with light. also cozy places under trees or awnings for hot days.
Even the apartments can be flooded with light or kept cool and in the shade according to their own needs. "Each apartment has a loggia that serves as a buffer zone between the interior and nature.With the help of technology, each tenant can darken his loggia or any apartment or let the light flow inward. "

Compactness and economy for a rent payable

It is important for Bodmer subdivision managers to be able to offer their apartments with a rent payable. This was not the case during the construction
left his eyes. "The whole structure is very compact. We minimized the facades to create an economic architecture. The entire construction and plan areas comply with cantonal regulations for assisted living. This ensures space and functionality. In the house will be permanent
Materials such as oak, exposed concrete and plaster were used. In this way we can increase the service life and reduce maintenance costs, "says the architect.

Energy efficiency thanks to Minergie P

The new building was built according to the Minergie-P standard. The building is powered by a geothermal probe. Because of its compact construction and its use
The insulation should hardly be recorded heat loss. The Bodmer subdivision therefore makes an important contribution to the responsible and efficient use of energy.

On behalf of the builder and the community of planners:
Gian Fanzun, Fanzun AG, Architects · Engineers · Consultants
Julius Candinas, President of the Bodmer Foundation
Andrea Menn, Housing Manager Bodmer

Open House
September 14, 2019
10am to 4pm

• Visit Haus am Mühlbach
• soup buffet
• coffee and cakes
• Concert "Bündner Spitzbueba" 13h to 15h

Public transport: bus n ° 9 from the train station
Parkings nearby: Lindenquai and Arcas

Alterssiedlung Bodmer, Bodmerstrasse 32, 7000 Chur
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