The coordinator of the monument festival in Lucerne declares: "The color will be definitely neglected"


The days of the monument this year are under the colors of the slogan. The coordinator of the Canton of Lucerne declares the election.

Roseline Troxler

Mathias Steinmann during a guided tour on the theme of facade painting with a class of school in the old town of Lucerne. (Picture: Pius Amrein, Lucerne, 10.9.2019)

Mathias Steinmann during a guided tour on the theme of facade painting with a class of school in the old town of Lucerne. (Picture: Pius Amrein, Lucerne, 10.9.2019)

This weekend will be the European Heritage Days. In the canton of Lucerne, there are also various opportunities – in the city, the agglomeration and the landscape. This year, the theme of colors is at the center of the days of the monument. Mathias Steinmann, head of the construction inventory and coordinator of the Monument Day of the Canton of Lucerne, explains the importance of colors in spatial planning.

Why are this year's Heritage Days dedicated to colors?

Mathias Steinmann: Colors are very important in architecture because they accompany us every day. Both inside and out, we come across different colors, which affect us emotionally. Color design is influenced by both social and cultural influences.

How has the color scheme of buildings changed over the centuries?

In the past, architects had very limited options for using colors. The colors were mainly used for ornaments and to tell stories, as evidenced by the façade painting of the old town of Lucerne.

When and why did this change?

Thanks to the new techniques, pigments and binders, it became possible to use the colors almost completely in the late nineteenth century. Since then, the colors have been used to support the architecture of the buildings.

What is the importance of colors in spatial planning?

You will certainly be neglected. Because colors create positive or negative emotions. In the vicinity, a building color can cause irritation. Color design is a central aspect of the urban landscape. Colors still have too little importance in planning and construction. If you drive over the countryside, you will see many bright buildings in the canton of Lucerne, which do not correspond to the local or landscape image.

Can communities even limit their growth?

The cantonal law on construction and spatial planning clearly indicates that houses must be integrated into the structural and landscape environment. To date, too little emphasis has been placed on this issue. There is still too much Jekami.

Are not the images of the village boring, if only certain colors are allowed?

I do not believe it. Because nuances are always possible. But anyone building a house must know that construction is always in the public interest. It is not primarily about being able to come true. The colors should match the environment and have a supportive effect. It is an appropriate color in the place. I am convinced that many things will happen here in the coming years.

As the subject changes color, the recordings record. On the days of the monument, about 400 events take place in 400 different places. How is it going in Lucerne?

With 15 events, we are in the canton of Lucerne in recent years.

Why are there few opportunities in the landscape?

Depending on the subject, it is harder or easier to find appropriate objects. This year, we are very present in Beromünster. In St. Michael's Abbey, you can admire sumptuous writing songs and colorful murals.

What are the highlights of the monument day in the canton of Lucerne?

In Neustadtquartier you can admire the bright colors of the history of architecture. The recently restored and reconstructed Lucian parish church presents the concepts of 20th century colors and materials. In the old town of Lucerne, you will find a facade painting from the 17th to the 20th century with different characters. The treasure of the 30's Hofkirche is unique in Switzerland. It has been recently illuminated since 2018 and will be presented in its diversity for the first time.

Note: Heritage Days will be held on September 14th and 15th. You can find more information right here.