The Sims 3 – Building a House – Escape to Paradise (W / JulyKapo)

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Hi guys and welcome to another homebuilding video! Today we make a home called Getaway. Paradise Getaway is a mid-sized family home in Isla Paradiso. Being on its own island, you will never have amazing views and privacy. It has a kitchen, lounge, dining room, computer room, 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, laundry, barbecue area and a huge infinity pool! We hope you like it! Manufactured by Steph0sims and furnished by JulyKapo

The story –
After working tirelessly for months, Sarah finally managed to complete her teleportation device. He starts traveling the world leaving the machine to go wherever he wants. But when it reaches the Islamic paradise, it stumbles upon a home. He does not know the owner of the house, but the owner certainly knows here.
The owner is the watchman of the time who watched as she traveled all the time. After seeing her intelligence and courage, she decides she has earned the opportunity to travel with him to the future! The story will continue ..

This house was done in the future, so please don't go crazy for me because I didn't use some ITF information. A new house with ITF material will be released later this month or early next month. .