Fritz Höger Award 2020 for brick architecture: the price starts in early December 2019

The Fritz Höger Award for Brick Architecture is awarded to objects that exploit the architectural potential of the proven brick building material. We are looking for buildings whose planning requirements combine economic, ecological and aesthetic aspects and whose architecture is characterized by an appropriate approach to the site and its existence. Contest entries can be put online from December 2019 to submit.

You will also find all the information you need to apply.

The great importance of the Fritz Höger Award for brick architecture in the industry shows the impressive number of more than 600 submissions received recently, nationally and internationally. It is one of the greatest German architectural awards ever.

The large number of submissions expected and the organization of the activity of the jury necessitate the collection of submission fees. The "Early Bird" phase until the end of January 2020 respects the start date of submission with discounted conditions. Newcomers are exempt from fees.

The Fritz Höger Award 2020 is awarded in the following categories:

• Single / semi-detached houses
• Multi-storey housing / housing construction
• Office and commercial buildings
• Public buildings, leisure and sports

In addition, additional rewards will be awarded in the following areas:
• energetic efficiency
• renovation / sustainability
• offspring / newcomer

Projects can be submitted, with a brick facade and completed from 1 January 2015. Projects already submitted for the 2017 Fritz Höger Prize may be resubmitted, provided they are completed after on 1 January 2015 and that they have not yet been nominated for the 2017 Fritz Höger Prize. The award ceremony will take place in the autumn of 2020 in Berlin.

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