Huawei unveils strategy for next-generation smart products Generation and new products + AI

Shanghai, September 5, 2016 / PRNewswire / – Huawei unveiled its new Intelligent Product Strategy and new products for the KI + business at HUAWEI CONNECT 2019. Among other things, there is a new three-layer AI architecture based on the Engine product line. AI Turbo, the iMaster NCE stand-alone network management and control system, the first AI platform for iMaster NAIE networks in the industry, an innovative OceanStor Dorado flash memory system based on Kunpeng processors and Ascend, the industry's first Data Center Interconnect (DCI) product, Huawei OptiXtrans DC908 and more.

Sophisticated intelligence in ICT products and solutions to contribute to the success of the digitization of the economy

Sun Fuyou, vice president and technical director of Huawei Enterprise Enterprise Group, said: "Huawei Enterprise has dubbed" 123456 "its next-generation product strategy to create 1 smart grid world, with a focus on 2 service scenarios (campus and data center), offers 3 OptiX Network smart product lines and 4 sets of smart IP engines, as well as the use of 5G, Wi-Fi 6 and the Internet. OceanStor Dorado V6 from Huawei, among other products and solutions developed by Huawei. "

"While we focus on individual product segments, Huawei Enterprise also encourages the integration of key technologies into product segments such as IP and Optical Networks, 5G and Wi-Fi 6, IP and Internet systems. storage and SDN Soft / Hard networks – innovative products and solutions for even smarter and more competitive campus and data centers. "

Huawei launches a three-tiered AI architecture to build smart IP networks in the AI ​​era

Huawei unveils for the first time a three-level artificial intelligence architecture for building smart IP networks. It combines intelligent connectivity, intelligent process and maintenance, and intelligent learning for the AI ​​era. The architecture includes the AI ​​Turbo Engine product line, the iMaster NCE standalone network management and control system, and the industry's first artificial intelligence platform for iMaster NAIE networks. The company has integrated artificial intelligence features into various layers of IP networks. As a result, IP networks are becoming more intelligent and building networks for autonomous driving can be faster.

Kevin Hu, chairman of Huawei's data communications product line, said: "Huawei will continue to expand its lead in its products and solutions, using the three-layer architecture of AI for networks Intelligent IPs based on AI Turbo Engine, iMaster NCE and iMaster NAIE, we strive to better serve our global customers and partners and lead the development of intelligent IP networks. "

Huawei Launches Innovative OceanStor Dorado Smart Flash Memory System Incorporating Kunpeng and Ascend Processors

OceanStor Dorado (OceanStor C series), Huawei's new intelligent full-featured flash memory system, is a platform entirely designed from the Kunpeng 920 and Ascend 310 KI processors. It allows 20 million I / O operations per second (IOPS) and reduces latency to within 0.1 ms. The fully networked and highly reliable SmartMatrix architecture ensures that central business processes run smoothly, even in the event of controller failure. In addition, the Ascend 310 AI processor's machine learning capabilities have improved the read cache hit rate by 50%. The interconnectivity of cloud-based AI enables intelligent end-to-end lifecycle management, which continually improves storage behavior during use.

Peter Zhou, vice president of Huawei's IT product line and chairman of Huawei's intelligent data storage and storage domain, said: "New technologies such as 5G, AI and the Internet are becoming increasingly popular. Internet of Things are changing rapidly, resulting in a variety of applications and huge amounts of data Huawei's years of experience in full flash storage technologies have been incorporated into the solution of OceanStor Dorado's next-generation full-fledged intelligent flash storage, allowing customers to use it to process data in real time – making the most of your data offer. "

Zhou also announced Flash Universal Plus, a universal flash memory system that makes full flash memory more affordable, accessible and simple.

Huawei Announces Intelligent OptiX Network Strategy for Businesses and New Products, Including OptiXtrans DC908, the Industry's First Intelligent DCI Product

Huawei announced its OptiX smart grid strategy and introduced three innovative product lines: OptiXtrans, OptiXaccess and OptiXstar. These support the fully optical data center, all-optical transmission and the fully optical campus. The following new products are launched:

  • Huawei OptiXtrans DC908, the first intelligent DCI product in the industry. It is intended for data center customers worldwide and ensures seamless networking of data center systems. The product is based on a simplified architecture and supports the provision of services in one click without professional help. Deployment takes less than eight minutes. With a transmission capacity of 48 T on a single fiber optic cable, the number of fiber optic links per site can be reduced by 90%. Special chips and algorithms enable intelligent network management.
  • Huawei OptiXtrans E9600, the first fully intelligent optical transmission system designed specifically for businesses. It is suitable for widespread use in industries of major importance for the social and economic development of a country, such as energy and electricity, transport, education and finance. Industrial-grade security makes the transmission of production data over long distances extremely reliable.
  • Huawei's OptiXaccess and OptiXstar product lines are optical access systems and enterprise optical terminals that can be used to reconstruct traditional location networks. Benefits include environmentally friendly fiber optic cables and more efficient operations.

Richard Jin, president of the Huawei Transmission & Access product line, said: "The transformation of traditional networks is a top priority for digitization companies, and the benefits of fiber optic technologies in terms of bandwidth, power consumption Transmission energy and stability are evident Huawei, the leader in optical technologies, has launched the OptiX smart grid strategy and OptiX optical interconnection range for the production and operations of various sectors in order to Reduce transmission costs, streamline operations and improve business experience Three innovative product series designed for businesses, designed to help businesses benefit from a fully optical universal connectivity for the business. digitization. "

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