Netscout Provides Application Visibility and Troubleshooting for VMware NSX

Visibility of the application

VSTREAM NETSCOUT Certified Now Available for VMware NSX

NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC. (NASDAQ: NTCT) is now a partner in the VMware Advanced Technology Alliance. As part of this alliance, NETSCOUT will also extend its years of high performance vStream technology for use in VMware NSX environments. NETSCOUT vStream technology is a software-only module that now provides highly detailed data in an NSX development environment for accurate application visibility and meaningful troubleshooting.

The ever-accelerating transformation of the data center into an infrastructure based on the interconnection of multiple cloud systems has led companies to develop and deploy more than just applications in a multi-cloud environment. In order to build this durable and stable solution, the visibility of applications – detailed information on movement and modification of data at the application level – and effective troubleshooting are inevitable. It is only as well as critical business processes that can be successfully exploited in contemporary architecture. Although businesses really need an integrated, highly automated solution, most still use dozens of isolated tools, which in turn provide inadequate and inconsistent data.

The consequence of these obsolete and fragmented structures is insufficient knowledge of application data and the growing difficulty of isolating and quickly resolving emerging performance and privacy issues. NETSCOUT's approach is based on Visibility Without Borders, a transparent solution that provides businesses with all the data they need to meet these challenges and drive digital transformation in a safe and efficient manner. In addition, NETSCOUT provides consistent and reliable data on current security risks and the state of application performance and workloads, whether or not based on their system type or performance. ;architecture.

"VMware provides a complete solution with a consistent network and security architecture for multi-cloud and hybrid environments." NETSCOUT creates a virtual infrastructure for data center and cloud to provide detailed information and increased security. Nikhil Kelshikar, Vice President of NSX Product Management, VMware.

"VMware enables users to continuously and securely address the challenges of automated application deployment in a virtualized infrastructure, and by providing VMware-certified NETSCOUT monitoring solutions for NSX, we have extended our platform to 39, advanced analysis to an additional system and are now able to implement vStream technology directly and daily with VMware users ", said Anil Singhal, CEO of NETSCOUT. "It's hard to quickly spot the root causes of service and application issues when IT teams can only deploy inefficient solutions with limited depth of information and designed for another era. 'Unlimited visibility into the current phase of rapid transformation of the data center.'

NETSCOUT develops solutions that detect, locate and correct threats to data, the operation and availability of business applications. Four out of five Fortune 100 companies and 90 percent of Tier 1 service providers use NETSCOUT solutions to solve their most challenging application, network and security challenges. The NETSCOUT platform is unique because of its scalable and decentralized architecture, in which data is stored and processed directly at the capture point. VStream technology provides visibility into the east-west traffic of virtual environments, at the heart of all applications, and delivers the most important indicators in real time to a central monitoring and analysis platform, with ability to retrospectively view all the details of the stored data.


NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC. (NASDAQ: NTCT) protects the digital business environment from attacks against availability, performance, and security. Our leadership in markets and technologies is based on the combination of our patented Smart Data technology and Smart Analytics. We provide real-time visibility and information that customers need to accelerate and secure their digital transformation. Our approach changes the way companies plan, integrate, test and deploy services and applications. NGenius Service Assurance solutions provide real-time contextual analysis of service, network and application performance. Arbor security solutions offer protection against DDoS attacks that threaten the availability of digital resources and advanced threats that infiltrate networks to steal critical business resources.

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