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If there is a massive right turn and we all get involved in the right interpretation schemes, no one will escape it. The crucial task of the left must be to study the tactics of the right then to be able to counter it. Let us not fool ourselves: up to now, neither the democratic parties nor the liberal media have managed to contain the AfD. This party is still radicalized on the right. The proportion of fascists has increased considerably. They constitute the dominant flow of the AfD, without which no one can be anything else. To solve the problem using the example of Götz Kubitschek …

… of the new leader of opinion …

… to describe: He sits on the permanent taboo break and also relies on the loop of indignity. We must not, therefore, associate ourselves with indignation, but of course there can be no habitual effect. So, breathing in the mouth does not help. But it is useless to leave a stage for the opponents of the right without contradiction.

After the bad results in Saxony and Brandenburg, you bet that the left will finally win another election in Thuringia at the end of October. What does Bodo Ramelow have in store for the other politicians of the left?

Thanks to Bodo Ramelow and the entire state association of Thuringia with President Susanne Hennig-Wellsow, we are optimistic about the election of 27 October. We are well positioned there. Bodo Ramelow and the Thuringia state association are combative, they are always on the side of striking workers. At the same time, we are very focused on solutions in Thuringia. We have a combative attitude and a competence of solution, it is a formula of success. In addition, of course, Bodo Ramelow is a respected father and is seen beyond the borders of Thuringia as the voice of the East.

Harvest of potatoes in Heichelheim: the left land, father Bodo Ramelow.Photo: Michael Reichel / dpa

Why does Bodo Ramelow's poster lack the logo of the left party?

Be sure The relationship between Bodo Ramelow and his party in Thuringia is very close. Both will make it clear that it is October 27th that the decision will be made. Is social government still in power with Ramelow – or is the AfD coming to power?

We are approaching the 30th anniversary of the fall of the wall. Do you also see that the lack of understanding between East and West is increasing rather than decreasing?

Thirty years after the fall of the wall, a new sense of self-confidence is perceptible in the East to talk about the experiences of humiliation experienced after reunification. Many have hidden their deep insecurity in the years following 1989. In return, there is now a growing interest in the East. But this is often accompanied by wonder and misunderstanding.

How does the AfD manage to be perceived by many voters as a party of the common people, especially in the East?

The AfD is not the feast of the common people. If issues such as rent control, social housing or the removal of Hartz IV sanctions are discussed in the Bundestag, nothing comes from the AfD. No one who suffers from these problems has anything to expect from the AfD – whether it is German or of immigrant origin.

But the AfD speaks but obviously the election results are small people …

The AfD is taking advantage of the fact that politicians from other parties and media outlets make the repeated mistake of taking over the AfD's "cadre" and falling in favor of their strategy. And it benefits from the fact that those who are outlaws are trapped in despair as long as they believe nothing is going to improve for them anyway. Then, the right offer is this: at least we make sure that others are worse off. To break such mechanisms, I passionately promote new left-wing majorities. We need a socio-economic recovery, a new social contract.

How should it look like?

Everyone is guaranteed to protect themselves against poverty, to place the environment better, to invest massively in the public sector and to ensure that we all have a future on the planet through climate protection and politics. of peace. I just came from the Labor Party Congress. Delegates set up a Green Industrial Revolutionary Program in Brighton. They are radically social, spreading the four-day week. They raise the question of ownership and want to convert all services of general interest into public property, for example.

Are the SPD and the German Greens more open today to a left alliance than a few years ago?

Yes, but the most important partner on this issue is civil society. We can achieve political change only if there is appropriate mobilization and pressure from society. In Berlin, this has been exemplary for the rental issue. Tenant initiatives have created a counterbalance to the real estate lobby and have helped the state government slow its growth.

What other topics do you think about when you talk about social pressure?

In addition to the issue of rents, it is the fight against the problems of assistance, the issue of pensions and the surpassing the Hartz IV system by the implementation of social guarantees. A first step would be the abolition of the Hartz IV sanctions – and support also increases outside the left party.

You said recently that the left had to ask the question of power. What do you mean by that?

We must show that we want to change the situation. With respect to general elections, that means we are working towards other majorities in government. But not for ministerial positions, but to really make a difference. In Berlin, the issue of power also involves investing in sharks in real estate. The question of power means getting the greatest degree of improvement possible for people.

Is the creation of social pressures not a very slow process?

In the climate issue, we saw that such a mobilization could succeed very quickly. No one would have predicted how hegemonious the subject would be two years ago.

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