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The council of Biberal had some topics on the agenda. Including a bike path, cemetery or new salt shaker.

by Peter Hübl

September 29, 2019

4:54 p.m.

Biburg seen from the air. Photo: Satzl
Biburg seen from the air. Photo: Satzl

Biburg.Short agenda and early settlement: the last public meeting of the Biburger
The city council lasted only half an hour. The old salt shaker is "in the years
"came to the point of the agenda" Acquisition of a salt spreader for winter service "
d & # 39; to hear. There were three offers for this, all of the same type, however
the total bids of € 20,523 to € 22,253 were very far apart. One was
basically agree to make a purchase, so that not the old device in the middle
in winter, the service fails. However, you want to consider another product
in addition to trying to give the old device in payment or sell.

The wastewater treatment plant was on the agenda

With regard to the engineering of the treatment plant, Ferstl investigated the variants
Expansion of own factory or connection to employed Abensberg. For previous ones
The work is a bill of deduction of fees of 9520 euros, so transferred
is. The statutory supervisory authority has examined various statutes, some
Mayor Thomas Zachmayer has been modified or adapted.

Now it was worth the contribution and expense to treat a cemetery. The present
The laws of 2008 have been underfunded in recent years. The mayor
presented a possible adaptation, after a heated debate with one exception
has been resumed. At the point "tomb", the annual amount has been reduced by ten euros.
The new law applies to a calculation period of four years.

Renovation of the municipal road

For the renewal of the Biburg-Gaden Community Link Road is a study of the
IFB Eigenschenk previously, now the investigation on the basement should be attributed, the costs
amount to 21,442 euros. The road must be widened by one meter. The city
Abensberg is committed to contributing prorated costs. Proposal,
in addition to the municipal road connecting a bike path, majority
No approval, especially since Abensberg does not want to install it in his neighborhood.
The additional costs would rise to several hundred thousand euros, but you should rather
improve traffic conditions in the village area.

Construction requests and preliminary inquiries

Building applications and building pre-applications have also been processed by the local council:
Mr. and Mrs. Kroneisen about the construction of a detached house with garage in the Vordere construction area
The width of the castle is in accordance with the regulations in force, the councils take it without objection
to note. The building permit of the Mortka family in Rappersdorf is guaranteed
However, the situation regarding the connection to the sewer must first be clarified.

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