Thuringia: Federal Garden Show profits church

The Peterskirche on the Petersberg site. Photo: Bodo Schackow / dpa

(Photo: Bodo Schackow / dpa)

For the Federal Garden Show 2021, Erfurt is pretty. This also benefits the Peterskirche. To put the important construction, which has long been in a kind of Sleeping Beauty, completely in the foreground, but the Federal Garden shows are not enough.

Erfurt (dpa / e) – A new soil and electricity works are among the next steps to bring the historic St. Peter's Church in Erfurt to the federal horticulture program (Buga ) 2021. This explained Silvia Wagner, head of department for the construction of the foundation of castles and gardens of Thuringia, Wednesday in Erfurt. The works on the exterior facade of the important Romanesque building, which has suffered over the centuries, have already begun.

Inside the church, a false floor was removed – Prussia had, at the beginning of the 19th century, the church of a former Benedictine monastery converted into a military warehouse for more than 15 years. Floors moved. They did not proceed with caution – which can still be seen on the large sandstone pillars. "The Prussians have done a good job," said Wagner. Regardless of the substance, they had proceeded.

For the Buga, an exhibition on medieval garden culture should be created inside the large church. In addition, a scene system is provided for events.

Since the laying of the first stone in 1103, the church has served various functions: it was also to serve as a gym. Until 2017, it has housed contemporary art. Five million euros are available for the restoration of the church of Buga.

To renovate and restore the church as a whole, a much larger sum would be needed, says the foundation. However, considering the many construction sites of the church in the calendar of the Buga and budget, it is not possible to do more at the beginning. Foundation Director Doris Fischer also stressed: "The stories we have here are irreversible." For example, virtually no remains of the steeples have been preserved.

The foundation will be able to take care of the Buga only after several centuries old paintings, covered with crusts of earth on the walls. Meanwhile, among the bricks laid by the Prussians, the drowsiness is even more numerous: dozens of graves are buried in the ground.

For Buga, the job is above all to make the church visible to people, said foundation director Doris Fischer. "Most felt that the building was a barn," said architect Frank Spangenberg. Even many Erfurterns were not sure about the Petersberg, an old fortress, a church.

Buga 2021

Foundation on the Buga in Erfurt

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