Next stop: the ICONIC AWgood-btp.comS 2019 award for its innovative architecture at Thalkirchner Bahnhof

CSMM – Awarded Architecture Project for Virtual Identity AG / "Winner" in the category "Interior" / Virtual Creativity in Physical Space

Munich, October 9, 2019. The CSMM architectural and consulting firm won the second prize in the category "Interior Architecture" for the design of new workspaces for the Virtual Digital Agency Identity AG on the occasion of the "ICONIC AWgood-btp.comS 2019: Innovative Architecture". A railway station has emerged from a modern office: agile work and virtual creativity have made their appearance at Thalkirchner Bahnhof in Munich. The prize is awarded by the German Design Council to the best architectural and design solutions. It recognizes holistic projects in the fields of architecture, interior decoration, product design and brand communication. The award ceremony took place on October 7, 2019 in the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich. In February 2019, CSMM and Virtual Identity AG won the German Design Award 2019 for their Munich office in the category "Excellent Communications Design" as "Winner".

In an effort to create a modern office for agile work from a former locomotive shop, the CSMM architecture firm won the second prize. As part of the transfer of the fast-growing Digital Identity digital agency, a new, modern and flexible office concept was to be developed and immediately implemented in the new 1,700-square-meter space of the Thalkirchner Bahnhof. . The interdisciplinary team of the CSMM – architecture has played an important role in this process. At the same time, New Work's experts preserved the uniqueness of this historic hall and placed it in a fascinating relationship with a very modern and creative world of work.

"Architecturally, we achieved our goal by installing a two-bar structure in the eight-meter-high brick hall, detached from the historic building, and with two floors, it features a piazza that can be used as a step through the staircase and offers interesting changes of perspective.Special attention was paid to the creation of an identity-creating communication center responding to the creative work approach of Virtual Identity, "explains the Architect and Managing Partner of CSMM GmbH, Malta Tschörtner. A special feature: the office can be easily adapted to the changing project landscape. "Our Munich office supports our way of working in an ideal way – we can quickly and flexibly transform it into an ever-changing project landscape – at least as valuable as the room as an event venue. Whether it's for the UBX conference hosted by us or for a developer community that uses the room for a hackathon, "Ralf Heller, CEO of Virtual Identity AG, describes the benefits of the modern world of work.

The Malta SMT team Tschörtner included Nele Bayer, Tiziana Feighofen-Longo, Flor Faini, Jens Heinze, Virag Math and Daniele Zandonella.

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For 16 years, CSMM is a consulting and architecture firm specializing in office real estate and working environments in Germany and abroad.

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The emergence of the brand CSMM – Matters architecture in 2018 is a logical development of previously separate companies Conceptsued GmbH (founded in 2003) and Modal M GmbH (established in 2008). The goal is to offer the skills of both homes in a holistic way. The interdisciplinary and international team of 60-member CSMM specializes in offices, hotels and restaurants of all sizes. The management is led by Sven Bietau, Timo Brehme, Reiner Nowak and Malta Tschörtner. In addition to its headquarters in Munich, the company also has branches in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main and Düsseldorf.

The CSMM is part of the expert group of the "German Council for Sustainable Building – DGNB" and the Central Board of Real Estate – ZIA "New Methods of Work". In addition, the company actively cooperates with the Faculty of Architecture of the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule and the Institute for Social Science Research. In addition, the CSMM supports the "Gesellschaft für Immobilienwirtschaftliche Forschung – gif e.V." and participates in the "Foundation of Values". More information on the Internet at the address:

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