Trump does not want to cooperate with impeachment investigations

reThe letter Pat Cipollones is, in form, a constitutional statement of the White House's position on the preparations for Donald Trump's imputation case. On eight pages, well organized and provided with greases and footnotes, the legal adviser to the President responds to the invitation of officials and the request for access to the file. In fact, the letter to the House of Representatives is a political declaration of war.

Majid Sattar

Majid Sattar

Political Correspondent for North America based in Washington.

Cipollone writes: The attempt to dismiss the president against the president is a "simple political strategy" that began on the day of his inauguration. The obvious haste and lack of democratic legal basis as well as the violation of the president's fundamental rights in the proceedings clearly showed that there were "illegitimate" investigations with a political purpose . "To put it simply, you want to lift the election results of 2016 and move away the president of the American people who voted in the free elections."

The White House will not allow any testimony

The legal basis of the letter is limited to two things: first, the Democrats opened the inquiry without a vote in the plenary of the first chamber. This is unprecedented, argues Cipollone. On the other hand, the president is deprived of the right to defend himself because his lawyers could not question the witnesses. The background is the president's request to meet the whistleblower.

He had brought to light President Trump's appeal with the Ukrainian president, in which Trump urged Volodymyr Selensky to open an investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Cipollone concludes that the president can not allow an unconstitutional procedure to dissuade him from the work that he does for the American people. "The president must run a country." He has an important job to do. He was chosen for this.

the The White House made it clear that she did not allow any testimony and did not allow access to the file. A senior government official later spoke of a "full stop" of cooperation with the House of Representatives' inquiry committees.

The letter from Pat Cipollone, Legal Counsel to the White House

Nancy Pelosi, the "spokesperson" of the House of Representatives, reacted with calm and determination to the total refusal. "Mr President, you are not above the law. You will be held responsible, "said the highest Democrat in Congress.First, the president tried to make anarchy the norm." Now, he is trying to make anarchy a virtue, "he said. she wrote.The White House letter is only another attempt to conceal Trump's betrayal of democracy.As before, she warned the White House that attempting to conceal the treason. President's abuse of authority was in itself evidence of obstruction of Congress.Adam Schiff, the chief investigator of Pelosis, had previously pointed out that this fact – by analogy with the law. Richard Nixon 's Watergate affair – appeared in the indictment of the House of Representatives.

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