A not-so-tiny tiny house – Tiny House design using Sketchup

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I hope to build a small house someday, but I never felt comfortable with the bed on the floor, where the only access is to climb the last one. I also like being able to dress up in my bedroom. So instead of having one last, this design gives you access to a closed platform that allows easy access to your bed and a private area to get dressed. The doors would have been in place, but they had remained to allow for greater visibility.

This is more of a concept design than an expensive design yet the dimensions are pretty much up. The length of the trailer is 28 feet and the height of the structure is just over 13 feet (including the trailer). The height of the roof at both levels is 6.5 feet, the space between the bed and the ceiling is 35 inches. This device could also work for a 20-foot trailer, losing only the front bedroom and the front small room.

I've shared the idea with some Tiny House builders but no one seemed really interested. I realize that much of the attraction in this lifestyle reduces to a simpler life, but I feel that this design adds just a little comfort, the ability to have a few more things and a few more lifestyle choices.

My Sketchup skills are lacking and the quality of the video is poor, but hopefully not enough to get the attention.

Many tiny houses are BEAUTFLE, made with incredible technique, but instead of using so much wood, they could simply use panels or plasterboard. I know the exterior has no reflections on the eyes, but I just wanted to keep it clean and basic.

Many people can be tough TH viewers. This approach only opens up the possibility for others to join the TH fan club.

It would be interesting to see if this concept could be used in RV's.

The amazing music is by Kevin Macleod. I use a lot of his music in my videos.

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