Guttenberg: A day of pride for Guttenberg

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Guttenberg His test as a meeting place for clubs that he has already passed is complete. Since Sunday, the meeting of the village of Guttenberg in the old school has also opened. A village needs an identity, said Mayor Eugen Hain at the inauguration ceremony. "It does not come alone, it has to be promoted, it is done by community and solidarity, and it takes space to keep it that way." It was formerly the village inn, but the last one closed at Guttenberg in 2012. All efforts to continue with the brewery were unsuccessful due to lack of suitable tenants.

So, according to Hains, it was a huge chance with the 90% promotion of the Free State of Bavaria to set up a village meeting. He thanked the Government of the State of Bavaria, which had recognized this problem in the countryside and provided significant financial support from the Office for Rural Development.

"The new village meeting will enrich Guttenberg." For example, the two parishes want to offer a lunch once a month to our elders, and the mothers and children group will regularly use the building, "said the mayor.The community supports four days a week from 16 to 21 hours on Guttenberg's fire department and entertainment department every Monday.Evenen Hain thanked the village meeting team, consisting of six women and one man. "I am confident that they will master well the company, "said the community leader.Some birthday parties, club meetings and rural women's gymnastics have already taken place at the village meeting.Hain:" It was proven that even before opening today, there was a need. "

Eugen Hain was convinced that tables made up of young people and old people would be formed. "We are starting today and doing our best to bring our village to life, it is here when everyone joins us," the mayor said to his fellow citizens.

Many people participated in the project "Dorftreff". Above all, the architect Harald Schramm, responsible for planning. Designers Hartnack, Küfner, Schneider and Sack also made a decisive contribution. The VG administration also had a significant share with the then leader, Martin Betz, and his staff, Walter Amstätter and Silke Schramm, who had completed the preparation and planning tasks. "And if we see the result here and now, I can only say, well done, it's encouraging that the budget has been kept, which is no longer a reality in public buildings today," said Eugen Hain.

"Only with the help of the 90% high grant from the Bamberg Rural Development Office, much of the old school could be put back into a modern structural state with a new heating and a new insulating roof. "said Hain. This is beside the real goal of cultivating the village community, also an important thing. Eugen Hain briefly recalled the original project of the Munich architect Alexander von Brama, the former school building. The year 1960 marks the beginning of the works and the 2nd of September 1961, the inauguration.

In total, the renovation and renovation cost about 700,000 euros. This also includes the € 90,000, which allowed the community of Guttenberg to renovate the roof and the heating of the previously rented part of the building, which is not part of the village meeting and was not subsidized. The grant of land to the conversion of the building amounts to 569,000 euros. In addition, the municipality of Guttenberg had invested 130,000 euros of equity in the building, without having to take out a loan. In addition, there are costs for outdoor facilities, which were mentioned in the plan with 195,000 euros. They should be of the order of 220,000 euros. The grant amounts to 176,000 euros and the own contribution to 44,000 euros. Thanks Eugen Hain said the construction companies, which have supported in recent months restructuring and modernization. It took a little longer than expected, but you did not want to put pressure on the time, but insist on a job well done at a reasonable price.

In addition to the mayors, municipal councils and representatives of neighboring clubs, the mayor had also welcomed the citizens with their children, for whom this village meeting had been created. The ecumenical consecration was carried out jointly by Pastors Martin Fleischmann and Father Adrian Manderla.

District administrator Klaus Peter Söllner spoke of a big day for Guttenberg. With the funding of 90%, the community has taken a chance. "40 million euros are currently approved for projects in the Kulmbach district," said Söllner. He praised the fact that the Guttenberg house has close links with the people of Guttenberg and the district of Kulmbach. "The builders have done excellent here at the village meeting," said the district administrator, who presented Mayor Hain with a blazon of the district.

MP Martin Schöffel, Lothar Winkler of the Office of Rural Development, Mayor of Ludwigschorgast, Doris Leithner-Bisani, second mayor of Guttenberg, Klaus Witzgall, and architect Harald Schramm.

The official opening ceremony of the morning was followed by an "open day" in the afternoon, at which the public had wide recourse to watch the village meeting.

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