New photo case: Gündogan finds it "crass"

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New photo case: Gündogan finds it "crass"

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Ilkay Gundogan Ilkay Gundogan

For conversation in Estonia: Ilkay Gündogan (r). Photo: Raul Mee / AP / dpa

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A year after the turmoil surrounding the photos of Erdogan, the national team and the DFB have a new business of photos. Gündogan, who plays a dual role in the victory in Estonia, stands in the middle of the salute greeted by Turkey. The director of the DFB, Bierhoff, is convinced that an error has occurred.

Tallinn (dpa) – In his main activity as a footballer, Ilkay Gundogan has clearly figured in Tallinn. Teammate Emre Can failed with his red card.

But the sporting appearance of the duo in the German national jersey during the 3-0 win over Estonia could not cover the fact that the two Turkish professionals of the national team and the association with the reaction withdrawn "Like" who retired after a photo of saluting Turkish kicker greet a new Impose a photo affair. An effect without learning photos Erdoğan Mesut Özil and Gündogan at the World Cup in summer 2018.

After midnight, no one in the Tallinn arena spoke about the mistake, nor Gundogan nor Can or Joachim Loew. The national coach even felt that Gündogan, 28, was the scorer and winner of the match twice "as the best statement on the field given his game". "He far exceeded the number of players in the middle of the field," said Löw. There was nothing wrong with that, but it was not the answer.

DFB director Oliver Bierhoff also said at the beginning, "I do not see him so critical." It was only a few hours away that the former European champion was reinforced by the DFB website. "We talked to the players after the match. You also know that it was a mistake, "said Bierhoff, recalling the role of role model played by national actors:" They must be aware of the great responsibility and impact of each of their statements and actions, especially in social networks, can draw. "

This effect seemed to surprise enough Gundogan and Can on the eve of Tallinn. "The stories of these days are made in a striking way," said Gündogan in his personal defense speech. "The media always critically interpret," Can complains in the microphones of German journalists. Alongside Bierhoff and Löw, Gündogan and Can claimed that they had "compared" the salvation of their friend Cenk Tosun to their 1-0 win over Albania on Instagram.

However, in the light of the Turkish military offensive in northern Syria, the death knell of the Salvation Jubilee could not be reduced to congratulating Tosun. Gundogan himself called the problem of similar action, which was at best unthinking: "In the end, it's always a question of interpretation. You interpret it as you want it. "

The Turkish Football Federation clearly interpreted the picture. The military salute of Tosun and his colleagues was dedicated to the Turkish soldiers deployed during the Friedensquelle operation. The military mission in northern Syria is strongly condemned internationally, also by Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU).

Of the "200,000 other people" who would have compared the image on the Internet, including "footballers from around the world", they were both "chosen", complained Gundogan. "It's a pity," said the professional born in Gelsenkirchen.

"Emre and I are consistent against any terror and any war, no matter where in the world it takes place.That is why it was only the support of a friend." I can pray all the days for peace to reign in the world. "

Bierhoff courted in Tallinn for clemency with the players, he said: "Nobody could expect that to take such a dimension." This statement surprised the photos that were shown before the 2018 World Cup, Özil and Gündogan, with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. They sparked intense public debate, whistled against the duo at international matches and culminated after the disaster of the German Football World Cup at the break between Özils and Germany and the DFB.

Gündogan is given more insightful and continues to wear the national jersey. "Of course, I'm incredibly happy to be able to help the team," said the scorer twice, who also prepared Timo Werner's number three hit.

The crisis management of the DFB in Tallinn did not work. Bierhoff seemed helpless after a first conversation with the players after the final whistle. "Both were sitting in the cabin after the match," said the 51-year-old. The association always likes to emphasize the particular social function of the emblematic figure of Nationalelf. Special attention is paid to the external effect.

The often spontaneous contributions of the players on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram present risks. After a period of reflection, DFB Director, Bierhoff, announced new training measures: "We must continue to sharpen the senses of our players only to manage social networks.There must be no place for them. Interpretation; "

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