Too Old, Too Little Space – The University of Applied Sciences Expands: Horw Campus Planning Becomes More Concrete – News


The University of Lucerne and the Department of Technology and Architecture of the University of Applied Sciences of Central Switzerland will receive a joint campus at Horw. The canton forecasts costs of 365 million francs. He wants to outsource construction to an AG.

For decades, aspiring engineers have been trained in Horw, a suburb of Lucerne. The buildings of the former Technical Center and the current Department of Technology and Architecture of the University of Applied Sciences of Central Switzerland should now be rehabilitated, said the Canton of Lucerne.

In addition, the room was too short. In 2004, 830 people studied at the Department of Technology and Architecture. Currently, he is more than 2000, writes the township. In addition, about 1,000 people are in training.

Space problems also have the College of Education. Since 2004, the number of students has increased from 250 to 2100, in addition to 6900 in training. The headquarters of the University of Education are in the building of the University of Lucerne, which is divided into 11 sites.

Cost of 365 million francs

To solve the space problems of the two training centers and to allow profitable operation, the government council wants to create a new campus in Horw. Instead of fragmented pieces, the township prefers to do everything, said CFO Reto Wyss, head of real estate.

The buildings of the Department of Technology and Architecture must be completely renovated and expanded. In addition, new buildings are planned to concentrate the College of Education. This has the consequence that the university of the station could develop. The canton intends to pay 365 million francs for this construction project.


The campus is built on cantonal land. There should also be buildings that could be used simultaneously by both institutions, informs the canton. It puts the effects of synergy through the sharing of space to 33 million francs.

The Governing Council has decided that the township should neither invest nor operate the buildings themselves. The property with the existing infrastructure must be subcontracted to Aktiengesellschaft Immobilien Campus Luzern-Horw AG, which has not yet been founded.

Why a new real estate AG?

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The canton of Lucerne does not need to raise additional funds to implement plans. This will be the task of a non-profit corporation, which has just been created. It is expected that these real estate agencies will receive the buildings and grounds of the campus Horw, quasi-seed capital. Although the canton remains in possession of the township, it is largely independent.

Such an AG can respond flexibly to current needs and the market, to motivation. In addition, an AG does not weigh on the canton's investment bill. Another reason is that the University of Applied Sciences is an institution of several cantons. If the GA makes a profit, it will have to distribute some of it to the canton, like the Cantonal Hospital of Lucerne.

Until January 10, 2020, the ideas of the board of directors will be discussed. The Cantonal Council will deal with the case in the course of 2020, with a referendum scheduled for 2021. According to current forecasts, the latest construction works of the new campus will be completed in 2029.

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