Advisory Board on Persons with Disabilities of the Oldenburg Oldenburg Health Service

public meeting with film screening and discussion on the topic: People with a mental illness or mental disability

The Disability Advisory Council of the City of Oldenburg defends the interests of all persons with disabilities. The guiding principle is the achievement of equality, self-determination and participation of persons with disabilities. The members of the Advisory Board work closely with the Oldenburg City Council, associations, associations and organizations active in the field of disability, self-help groups represented in the city and the administration of the city.

The Disability Advisory Committee is made up of nine elected members. All elected members themselves have a recognized disability.


Disability Advisory Council of the City of Oldenburg

c / o Oldenburg Health

Industriestraße 1, entrance G (side entrance)

26121 Oldenburg

Phone: 0441 235-8675


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