Alarming trend in Dachau – The suburban boom – Dachau

Union calls for more affordable housing

The Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt industrial union (IG Bau) is alarming: the number of commuters in Dachau district has reached a new peak. The union is based on a recent evaluation by the Federal Institute for Building, Urban and Regional Research (BBSR). As a result, on the way to work last year, about 57,000 people regularly left the boundaries of the district. That's 44% more than in 2000. At the time, the district still had about 40,000 so-called commuters, according to IG Bau. According to Michael Müller, district chairman of IG Bau Oberbayern, an "alarming trend".

The lack of affordable housing in cities and universities is one of the main reasons for the expansion of the pendulum. "A growing number of people can no longer afford the high rents and prices of real estate in the city, but it is precisely there that many jobs have been created in recent years," said the District chairman of IG Bau. The result is always longer traffic jams and congested trains. Expanding more than 50 kilometers to the workplace is now a common practice for many commuters in Dachau district, Müller points out. "Not only are we wasting precious time for family, friends and hobbies, but the environment also suffers from the cold." According to the Federal Environment Agency, just under a fifth of Germany's CO2 emissions are attributable to traffic.

What is needed is a "radical reversal" of housing policy. "The public sector must invest much more than before in order to provide affordable housing in metropolises and metropolitan areas, and most importantly, there are no apartments in the social segment," he said. said Müller. However, massive investments are also needed in the area of ​​transport infrastructure to relieve commuters. Companies could also make a decisive contribution to "commuter frustration" – by making it easier for employees to work flexibly or at home.

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