Failed state Berlin: this state is abolished

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The state of Berlin is abolished

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Constant crises in the capital

The Berlin coalition is in trouble. The policy of the mayor Michael Müller and his SPD, displease more and more coalition partners, the Greens and the Left Party. And the citizens are unhappy anyway.

Berlin is so dilapidated that no reform promises more salvation. The leadership of the mayor does not even want to arrest criminals and extremists. This state must die.

VPlease, do not buy me wrong when I say: The State of Berlin is abolished without replacement and handed over to Brandenburg. I love Berlin and I love living here. From the urbanity overflowing with the center to the rugged and honest charm of the suburbs, it is no coincidence that thousands of people from all over the world are here for a few days or their entire lives.

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Nevertheless, as a political entity, Berlin is so mined that no reform can save the federal capital. The state must die for the city to prosper. It would be good for people here in the whole Federal Republic and for all those who want to visit us in the future.

Berlin suffers from a confused political structure that only a skilful sadist could have imagined. The system is a Gordian knot.

Governor of Mediocrity: Michael Müller (SPD), Deputy Mayor of Berlin

Governor of Mediocrity: Michael Müller (SPD), Deputy Mayor of Berlin

Source: pa / dpa / Christoph Soeder

A dozen district offices operate partly in harmony with the respective Senate administrations, partly in parallel, partly against each other – but very rarely effectively, efficiently and in the interest of the people of Berlin. When, in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, a district councilor behaves like the caricature of a Prussian knight and ignores the district council's decisions as costly as ever, it is only there that the The most visible example of the many small administrative tyrants attacking Berlin.

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As I myself have recently learned, it is not even possible to request a document from the relevant office of the following office at a district registration office. It's great – at the provincial world championships.

Senate ignores urgent challenges

On this tangle of interests, skills, possessions and feelings, the Senate has enthroned the mayor in power as the governor of mediocrity. This leadership systematically prevents anyone from taking the risk of offering cheap rental apartments. She is represented on the Federal Council, which is deteriorating regularly with a unique mixture of incompetence and thirst for purpose. Without consequences.

How Berlin wants to keep away tourists

What attracts the tourism industry, many Berlin feels boring: the crowds of tourists in the capital. Leftist spokeswoman for tourism policy, Katalin Gennburg, calls for a new concept.

Extremists from all directions and criminals from all walks of life have long recognized that political leaders could not even stop them if they wanted to. She does not even want that. The Senate prefers – if it meets because of quorum – to turn away from ghosts instead of facing pressing challenges.

The infantry in schools, the police, the fire brigade and the offices are constantly working on the load limit and prevent a daily collapse to which generations of politicians of all parties are heading. Meanwhile, the population is stuck in a traffic jam or haunted by public transit crime, allowing the Senate.

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No reform will help. Gordian knots are not erased – they are broken. Berlin as a politically autonomous local authority must die. First, the state must be abolished without replacement and added to the state of Brandenburg. Until now, all attempts to merge countries with Brandenburg have failed, many public institutions, courts, authorities, etc., but already operate at the transnational level. Here, he may also want to continue seamlessly. Part of the overburdened governmental and administrative apparatus at the district and senate level would then be available for the labor market. A municipal administration, which would occupy their tasks instead of their personal importance, would put Berlin in the forefront.

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And if the governmental district seems too sexy to belong to a territory, it can be directly subordinated to a federal administration: A federal district of Berlin-Mitte, analogous to the District of Columbia in the United States, does not need to all the baggage, which is now the federal capital paralyzes.

If the knot is broken, the city's raging power can show what it really has to offer Berliners, the Federal Republic, even the world.

Daniel Fallenstein is the publisher of the Ruhrbarone weblog and resides in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

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