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The Junge Union develops its own political life. The CSU junior organization named

From Max Schmid

October 14, 2019

4:23 p.m.

JU Wackersdorf has proposed ten members for their own list for the city council election in 2020 Photo: smx
JU Wackersdorf has proposed ten members for their own list for the city council election in 2020 Photo: smx

Wackersdorf.The joint venture is convinced that in the local elections of Wackersdorf in 2020, its own list
needs. What was a little surprised was the total absence of a board member
at the nomination meeting. The JU now goes in its own way, the "Mother's Day"
seems to be left out.

In her rationale, the President of the JU, Regina Wirth, mentioned that the JU since the 1970s
No longer allowed to compete with his own list for local elections. in
This election period is again possible and their knowledge is in Wackersdorf
It is also the first time that the joint venture has its own list.


The crest speaks of Schwandorf

Whether Nabburg, Schwarzenfeld, Steinberg, Wackersdorf or the big district town itself: we explain what the coat of arms means.

The goal is to bring young and fresh ideas to the local council, the discussion
to stimulate and stay on the ball with the subjects. The president of the JU showed it
convinced that he needs young and fresh ideas in the local council because young people
often have a different perspective, approach topics without prejudice or change
to be positive.

We do not want to work according to the motto "we always do it that way". L & # 39; economic
The situation in the community is very good, just over 5,000 people would represent about 6,000 social insurance contributions
Jobs in the industry and medium sized businesses compared. recently
completed a new residential district in Alberndorf and also with the construction of a
the third kindergarten was opened.

Meeting places for people

In the Mehrgenerationenhaus there is a great cultural offer and if you like
celebrate, then you come to Wackersdorf not too short. That's why the motto rings
JU "For things to stay that way, something has to change every day". He needs people
which deal with local politics, engage on a voluntary basis. Wirth counted
some things they think should change in the community.

The candidates

  • advice:

    Regina Wirth (31), industrial engineer, Andreas, is at the top of the list.
    Schießl (37), toolmaker and Franz Neugebauer (20), political science student

  • listing:

    The other candidates on the list are Sebastian Roidl (25), architecture student, Philipp
    Bacher (21 years old), computer specialist, Christian Lohbauer (32 years old), independent landscaper and landscaper,
    Clemens Reimer (20), student in industrial engineering, Patrick Fersch (21), apprentice,
    Wolfgang Hain (36), lagerist, Maurice Domscheit (20), information systems for students.

Thus, the JU demands public places as a "Schwammerling" or places covered,
where people can meet, more holiday groups in the children's gardens, a
Admission all year to kindergarten and kindergarten and extended opening hours. more
The theme of the joint venture is the transformation of the market. The place should be through a village cafe
and the creation of parking spaces are made more attractive, including the introduction
A citizen budget is on the agenda of the Junge Union. For the business sector
Do you want to campaign for the creation of digital companies, through a business incubator?
promote a "starter culture" and give local businesses new opportunities after the
Currency "Made in Wackersdorf" offers.

A station for Wackersdorf

Support the project, the industrial zone by its own station at the
connect the public rail network, said the president of the JU. About sustainability
Mr. Wirth said the training should be introduced, where the experts are the citizens
help to create sustainable gardens and educate on the good conservation of nature.
There should also be incentives, meadows and flower orchards instead of
Create rockeries, insect hotels and a seed kit for flower seeds
To be recruited. See recent actions of the joint venture
one, that the first ideas have already made their way.

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