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The brass quintet "i-Tüpferl" has convinced the audience with pieces ranging from baroque to modern. ">

The brass quintet "i-Tüpferl" has convinced the public with Baroque pieces in modern times.

Picture: kar

Picture: kar

Stefanie Martin, Andreas Matzke and Margit Matzke made a change with soft, cheerful tones. ">

Stefanie Martin, Andreas Matzke and Margit Matzke made a change with soft, cheerful tones.

Picture: kar

The church was busy when the brass quintet "i-Tüpferl" opened the concert with the play "Fanfare and Chorus" of the famous organ Dietrich Buxtehude. Then come two well-known melodies from the play "Hänsel und Gretel" – written by Engelbert Humperdinck.

Then there was Georg Philipp Telemann's "Heroic Suite" to return to classical fanfare. Manfred Brunner and Sebastian Lindner on trumpets, Thomas Prey on horn, Stefan Karl on trombone and Georg Matzke on tuba bring magnanimity of virtues, gratitude, majesty, tranquility and courage – emphasized on the one hand by rhythms bouncy and on the other heroic tones and a precise melody.

Matthias Bierler, a founding member of the ensemble, who has been in existence for more than 20 years, hosted the evening with anecdotes about individual pieces as well as general information about the Baroque period, which had a significant impact on the music. 39, architecture of the Dionysian Church.

Then come the mixed wood ensemble Schwarzenfeld group. As stressed Matthias Bierler, moderator, the following contemporary works pose a real challenge, especially in a small group. However, Margit and Andreas Matzke on clarinet and Stefanie Martin on flute did not notice it. With soft sounds, harmonious, but above all happy, they delighted the audience.

Then again played the quintet "i-Tüpferl". A gavotte of Johann Sebastian Bach's "Suite for Cello No. 6 in D major", "Cantata Domino" by Guiseppe Ottavio Pitoni's "Musica Divina" and "Pilgrim & Chorus" by Richard Wagner's play "Tannhäuser" have been heard. After endless applause, the musicians released their audience with a short version of the opening of George Frideric Handel's "Water Music" in the evening.

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