Lars Robin Proksch is "the apprentice of the month of September"

"The apprentice of the month of September" is Lars Robin Proksch. The eventual carpenter sticks the edges of the photo.
(Photo: Volker Watschounek)

WIESBADEN – In fact, he always knew that he would work in the craft sector. Finding and manipulating material has always been interesting for Lars Robin Proksch. Where finally the haptics of the wood fascinated him. At the Christ & Holtmann interior design studio in Medenbach, the 18-year-old is in his third year of apprenticeship as a carpenter. On Wednesday, he was named "apprentice of the month of September" by the Wiesbaden Chamber of Commerce.

A prize from the Chamber of Trades rewards trainees since 1999, distinguished by their outstanding performance in the promotion of young talents skilled in the craft trades. The selection criteria include above average marks (professional), sense of responsibility, reliability, friendliness and skill – criteria that Lars Robin fulfills.

A team player with his own ideas

According to his apprenticeship, he is not only very willing to participate but also brings his own ideas and ability to work as a team. "Even his professional notes are very good", as congratulated Stefan Füll, President of the Chamber, when handing over the certificate. At the same time, he congratulated the training company of Wolfgang Christ and Harald Holtmann, who participated extensively in this training. For example, Lars Robin is already Medenbacher's second trainee after 2017, who has been awarded the title "Apprentice of the Month". "This is very early when ambitious apprentices get to work and develop their own ideas – these are people who develop well in education," said Wolfgang Christ.

In one year, Lars Robin passes a companion exam. "I have come to know all areas during the operation.Design and design is very fun.In part, I can not sleep at all, because I have so many thoughts and ideas in the head that I bring with sketches up to a block located near my bed, "said Lars Robin pleased with the award. In the future, he can imagine stepping towards interior decoration, mastering the craft or finishing high school after graduation. According to Lars Robin, only six of his 30 classmates started school after school.

Businesses have a hard time inspiring crafts

Frank Martin, chairman of the board of directors of the regional office of the Federal Employment Agency, Hesse. "Inspiring young people for crafts is becoming increasingly difficult for Hesse training companies.The commercial side is more likely," Martin said, noting that parents would often encourage them to go to the "Hesse". school. Proksch is pleased with his decision: "I was playing a lot on a PC or cell phone, the weather is too bad for me now, making something with materials, seeing the results and dealing with customers is very rewarding."

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