Maximum number of commuters in Rostock

The number of commuters has Rostock a new a peak achieved. Last year, about 33,000 people came to work from outside the city to work, up 16% more than in 2000. Rostock about 29,000 so-called commuters, like the industrial union Building-Agro-Environment communicates. the IG Bau refers to a recent evaluation of the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Territorial Development (BBSR).

Trade unionist Jörg Reppin speaks of an "alarming trend". The lack of affordable housing in cities was one of the main reasons for the expansion of the pendulum. "A growing number of people can afford the high price to rent and real estate prices, but especially where they can no longer afford, where many jobs have been created in recent years, "said the district president of IG Bau MecklenburgThe result is always longer traffic jams and congested trains.

A "drastic shift" in housing policy is needed

For many, stretching for more than 50 kilometers up to the workplace commuter in Rostock during this trivial time, then Reppin. "Not only are we wasting valuable time for family, friends and recreation, the environment also suffers from driving." According to the Federal Environment Agency, just under a fifth of CO2 emissions are generated Germany to the account of traffic,

the IG Bau warns against an increase in the number of commuters, if life moved away from work. What is needed is a "radical reversal" of housing policy. "The public sector must invest much more than before to create affordable housing in major cities and metropolitan areas.More importantly, there is a lack of apartments in the social and affordable segment," said Reppin .

Let employees work more at the home office

But massive investments are also in the field of transport infrastructure indispensable to commuter to relieve. "There is a lot of catching up to do, especially on railways, roads and bike paths," says Reppin. In addition, companies could make a decisive contribution to the "frustration of the pendulum" by facilitating the work of their employees in flexible working mode or at home.

The problem of commuters Rostock is part of a national trend: according to the Federal Agency for Employment During the past year, 39% of all employees on social insurance went to work in another city or district.

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