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What an old white monument with two observers does. The column of features.

The old white man, in other words, to whom should he be destined? One with his skin color, with all his identity, with his folds and his hair color, hear something in the right ear, what looks like old white M … – Moment? You're getting worse in the ear now, she says. You: Monument, these were my words. He (the man): Was very far, in thought. She: So, any return to zero – old white monument.

And if so, face four, with whom both look at each other, because together they are looking for the details of the monument. Three naves, tricolor marble, white, gray, pink. What a building, what architecture, what marble monument. The, the, the. The construction, male. Architecture, woman. But the monument in which she and he did not stay objectively, almost never in the region, here, before S. Andrea, a man. Andrea, Italian, is from the Christian legend Andreas. One of the apostles, brother of Simon Peter. Was not really old, died in 60 in Patras on the cross. See also the cross of St. Andrew. You: Hello, always here? He: It was very far.

Above the monument, a cross, under the small round arches of the gabled field, Blendbögen, is the appropriate term. Including a large opening, which was not buried in the 16th century in the Romanesque facade. Creates more light on the inside, attenuating the monumental effect on the outside, focusing on the narrow window to a single arch and the portal to a single arch. That's why he's still blown away.

Every detail gives the whole a face. These include two frescoes above the entrance, on the bezel a Virgin to the Child, on the architrave, barely recognizable, a procession. Holy? Men, no madonnas. The watercolors are fuzzy, the photo is taking off, the days of the characters in the gable field are essentially numbered for 900 years. Can the process be accelerated? Without further ado, a sign could be affixed, referring to the status of victim and martyrdom. Or their instrumentalization by a church conscious of power.

What could be, today, all do not think! One could blend in with another facade of the old white facade, in the name of an anti-monumental initiative (AMI). Where today, however, the verses of the facades are removed, the works of art that do not correspond to their vision of the world and that cause a white heat are removed from circulation. To avoid any misunderstanding, an old white monument could be deleted. Because really, you live in a gray age.

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