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Where luggage and shutters were made only a few years ago, the Fraunberg Workshops open their doors. Until at least 2021, artists and students will find spaces conducive to their creativity. Saturday is the open day

For almost a decade, nothing has happened on the site, in a prime location. Vacancy, stop, extermination in free space. But in recent weeks, the property located Fraunbergstraße 4 and Schäftlarnstraße 178 and the old buildings of the company have found a new vitality. Before the GWG Municipal Housing Association builds new apartments and a nursery here, which should not happen before 2021, the artwork will be introduced under a temporary lease. Where once a rolling shutter business, a suitcase factory and previously a printing house had its headquarters, the "Fraunberg Workshops" are created. A new graffiti on the outside wall is already a good awakening for the project – it shows two taps.

The Fraunbergstraße 4 and Schäftlarnstraße 178 buildings, as well as the old buildings of the company, renew their vitality.

(Photo: Catherine Hess)

For temporary use of the land in the heart of Thalkirchen, many have tried. In the end, the real estate developer and trained architect Tobias Sehr had the most convincing concept and the longest breath of the negotiations with the city authorities.

The idea with the studios is already four years old, but the road to realization has proved difficult for many reasons. The artists' studios are not open, as originally planned, but only five for reasons of fire safety. Tobias Very is always relieved. "Of course, I would have liked a culturally creative temporary use for five years and with more theaters, but it also gives me the opportunity to prove myself in the city," he said. declared. In this respect, the effort is worth it.

Driving force: Tobias Sehr prevailed with his concept of temporary cultural use.

(Photo: Catherine Hess)

The studios and a large showroom will be open on Saturday 19 October. For participating artists already established, it is always a reason to celebrate. Josephine Kaiser, Christian Hundemark, Markus Henning, Matthias Edlinger, Patrick Hartl and Sebastian Wandl, who have already made their mark in Munich, Vienna and elsewhere, have finally found a work house after a long search, at seven euros per square meter per month In addition to that, it's affordable. The small artist community has known each other for some time, which facilitates the coordination of Tobias Sehr.

The spacious and charming rooms are offered at low prices.

(Photo: Catherine Hess)

When the doors of the renovated premises open on October 19 from 2 pm to 9 pm, many pictures are hanging on the walls. In addition, a workshop and action for children are on the agenda. In addition, seniors in the neighborhood are welcomed, for whom offers will be developed sooner or later. "We do not want to be the only operators here," says Sehr. It sounds like an invitation to the entire neighborhood to come join us.

The windows go to St. Maria.

(Photo: Catherine Hess)

The licensing agreement between the city and Tobias Sehr concerns the main building by the end of 2020. But the 43-year-old real estate developer also reached out to the Schäftlarnstraße barracks. Until June 2020, he can propose here on 300 square meters of space workshops for students of art academies, more is not possible for reasons of ;insurance.

Under the conditions and restrictions, Very is quickly accustomed to this project. Gastronomic ideas and party activities should not even emerge, apart from four approved festivals a year, and "artistic quality" must be right. And in the courtyard, the city rents a storage area where you can imagine other outdoor activities. After all, it bears the repair costs of 40,000 euros. Electricity and water pipes, new windows and doors are priced. At heating always works. I am grateful for the initiator, a real Munich by the way, especially the local district committee and the GWG, who would not have missed any support, as he congratulates him.

But what about when the professional horizon ends in less than a year and a half? A question Tobias has heard a lot since the contract was awarded in March. He knows for a long time how this will continue after 2020: "In the long run, I would like to create studios with affordable apartments because that is what the Munich artists need most."

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