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The leftist party wants to democratize the SLM with a legislative initiative

Headquarters of the SLM in Lassallestraße. Photo: Ralf Julke

Photo: Ralf Julke

For all readersIn June, the SPD had expressed its concern over the law on private Saxon broadcasting and had criticized the outdated structures of the Saxon Media Authority (SLM). But now that the CDU, the SPD and the Greens want to negotiate a possible coalition government, the left fears that the democratization of SLM structures will fall again.

The mayor of the environment takes a position Thursday at the office of the city on the project Living Luppe

Today, calm water: Alte Luppe. Photo: Ralf Julke

Photo: Ralf Julke

For all readersFor seven years, the project "Lebendige Luppe" is about the revitalization of the Leipziger Nordwestaue. If it had worked in accordance with the 2012 plans, the excavators would have long since pierced new water courses through the woods and created a small artificial river. But since 2017, the old plans are old paper. This will be a subject for the consultation of the mayor of Heiko Rosenthal on October 17 at the office of the city.

Number of commuters to Leipzig targets 100,000

Frustration of commuters in traffic. Photo: IG BAU

Photo: IG BAU

For all readersWhen traffic jams fly: the number of commuters in Leipzig has reached a new peak. Last year, about 96,000 people came to work outside the city, 26% more than in 2000. At that time, Leipzig still had about 76,000 so-called commuters, as 39, indicates the Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt IG. The number of so-called commuters even increased by 82% to about 64,000 during this period.

Old Leipzig in color: The Leipzig still not destroyed on color photographs of the early twentieth century

Henning Jost: The old Leipzig in color. Photo: Ralf Julke

Photo: Ralf Julke

For all readersOf course, the book is out of print: "Leipzig in Color, Photographs in Old Colors, 1937-1947". Posted in 2014 in Lehmstedt Verlag. The first book that shows Leipzig in color with photographs of private archives at that time, while the color film was affordable for the first time for lovers. A small replacement has been published by Wartberg Verlag. The enthusiastic collector of Henning Jost makes this possible.

Small puppet theater festival for children and adults in the Budde House

Source: Budde House

Source: Budde House

To mark the diversity of the puppet and puppet theater genre, the Budde-Haus (Lützowstraße 19, Leipzig-Gohlis) is organizing for the first time the small KON-FIGUR-ATION puppet theater festival from 18 to 20 October, with two performances for children and adults.

When a conservative newspaper comments on a bio-dispute in Leipzig

Biomare in the KarLi. Photo: Ralf Julke

Photo: Ralf Julke

For all readersFor a few weeks, a real fight rages. First of all, the life food retailer Biomare Leipzig listed the products of the Spreewälder Hirsemühle – not because they do not meet the environmental standards of the company, but because that the owner of the Spreewälder Hirsemühle is a well-known man of the AfD. And Biomare has publicly justified the withdrawal. Surprisingly, he now brings the F.A.Z. business oriented. ready to accuse him of hypocrisy indirectly.

From zero to hero – How Schiller became an idol. Public visit to the Schillerhaus

Bust of Schiller by Dannecker. Photo: Punctum / Bertram Kober

Photo: Punctum / Bertram Kober

How the figure of Friedrich Schiller, in the form of busts and portraits, shapes the perception of the glorious poet, shows the art scientist Heidi Stecker under his leadership at the Schillerhaus on Sunday, October 20 at 15 hours. He became an icon of poetry: the sculptor Johann Heinrich Dannecker was created in 1793 on the bust of his old comrade Friedrich Schiller, but did not complete it until after the death of the famous poet in 1805. A copy of the bust Schiller was found at Leipzig Schillerhaus.

Today is the last push of the #Leipzigbecher campaign of BUND Leipzig

Recup coffee cup used in Leipzig. Photo: BUND Leipzig

Photo: BUND Leipzig

For all readersIt all started with the Recycling2go campaign, with which BUND Leipzig wanted coffee suppliers in street shops in Leipzig to offer reusable and recyclable coffee cups and thus avoid the mountains of waste paper cups. But in September came the nice idea to create a real Leipzig Cup. Because it is collected diligently since September. But the Tuesday night of today is the hammer.

Letter from NABU to the CDU, SPD and the Greens: Ranger in the natural park, network of biotopes and land use respectful of nature

Green bridges are valuable building blocks in the biotope network, as they enable biotopes to safely cross roads and thus exchange genes. Photo: Mr. Hermann

Photo: Mr. Hermann

For all readersFrom the point of view of the Naturschutzbund (NABU) Saxony, what the CDU, the SPD and the Greens read in the joint document after the exploratory talks was far too weak from the point of view of nature protection. So you could not stop the extinction of species in Saxony. This would require far more bold decisions in coalition negotiations. And that's why NABU has now written a letter to the three parties.

By 2020, the preliminary planning of the Leipzig-Chemnitz railway line should finally be completed

The stop point Engelsdorf / Werkstättenstraße is also being extended. Photo: Deutsche Bahn

Photo: Deutsche Bahn

For all readersThe Western Saxons have really waited a long time for that. Finally, the electrification of the rail link between Leipzig and Chemnitz has become a reality. Since the beginning of September, Deutsche Bahn has held bilateral talks with all the neighboring municipalities of the Leipzig-Bad Lausick-Chemnitz line. And the inhabitants of the region should also be invited to information events in 2020.

November 23: Humorous songs for lousy times

Source: Sociocultural Comm-Center

Source: Sociocultural Comm-Center

Bizarre, smart, flirtatious, deep and frivolous – this crossover mix is ​​the "Little Night Music" that gets your feet ticking even at night. Behind this unparalleled quartet are two singers and two singers from the Leipzig scene who wrote "Humorous Songs for Difficult Times" and devoted themselves above all to singing.

Pushkin's Heirs: A Burlesque Novel of Zaporozhye from the Late Brezhnev Era

Svetlana Lavochkina: the heirs of Pushkin. Photo: Ralf Julke

Photo: Ralf Julke

For all readersWho would not want to have a famous ancestor in his family tree? Some geniuses, even crazy ones like Alexander Pushkin or Ernest Hemingway. At first glance, this book seems to speak about it. Everything starts with Pushkin and his stay in the summer of 1820 in a small nest on the Dnieper called Zaporozhye, the loss of a ring and the vague assumption of an intimate encounter.

Members of the left of Leipzig have the choice between two strong candidates for the OBM on November 9th

Dirk Feiertag at the 2013 OBM election. Photo: Michael Freitag

Photo: Michael Friday

For all readersWhile the election of the OBM candidates to the Greens and SPD was very clear, the party of the left in Leipzig is referring to a small contest for the bid for the May 2 election of the mayor. As it appeared Friday afternoon, October 11, the members of the Association of the Left of the City of Leipzig will be able to decide on a general assembly on November 9, with which they will vote for the election of the OBM in the fight for the head of the city.

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