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The district office doubts the pharmacist's reliability and wants to withdraw his operating license. If authority is allowed, will probably decide a court.

The St. Martins pharmacy in Jettingen-Scheppach will be closed according to the current state of affairs. The pharmacist does not do it voluntarily. Landratsamt Günzburg, as the supervisory authority, revoked the operating license on 20 September. This does not rank the pharmacist as reliable in running such a business.

In July 2019, the searches of three pharmacies (both of Jettingen-Scheppach and one of Langenneufnach in the district of Augsburg) as well as of private properties belonging to Kripo Neu-Ulm had been preceded by an "announcement" of the population "(County Council spokesman Karl-Heinz Thomann). and representatives from the State Department of Health and Food Safety. Larger amounts of starting materials of certain preparations, packaging materials, finished products and corresponding data were provided as evidence – and evaluated.

State Office calls preparations "harmful to health"

In early September, the population was warned against two pharmacy preparations containing procaine active ingredient and red rice shell extract (reported). They should not be used. The state office has classified the two products because of the composition of their substance identified as "harmful to health".


The Günzburger district office, however, knows no one, which would have been damaged, said Wednesday at the request.

From the handing over of the County Administrative Authority document to Dr. Michael Lyh has six weeks to close his business. The period is not exhausted after informing our newspaper. As of October 24, instead of two pharmacies, there will only be one with the town hall pharmacy (operated by Lyhs' wife), which provides drugs to the market population.

The pharmacist pursues the decision with immediate effect

The precondition is that the administrative court of Augsburg shares the position of the Landratsamt. Because the pharmacist does not agree with the decision of the authority and acts against it.

He sued his lawyer, Christoph Mayer (Augsburg), in the Augsburg Administrative Court. When the court knows it, we do not know yet. Of course, several months can pass in the administrative court.

Things are different when Lyhs creates an application called "rush". Then the court should decide independently of the main proceedings. And if this decision were to favor the pharmacist in Jettingen-Scheppach, it would have serious consequences. For immediate execution would be stopped in the case. This suspensive effect has no "normal" action.

The request is being prepared

Until now, the district administration of Günzburg has not known such an urgent request, said Christoph Langer, head of the authority of the Division of Security and Safety. public order, at the request of our newspaper.

The application can still be made. And he would be getting ready – in order to establish a suspensive effect of the action.

In the background, other lawyers work with Mayer, who is not on the public panel – specialists in labor law, administrative law, medical law and criminal law. "I have a unique chance to defend myself in court," says the pharmacist, who speaks of a "real war of nerves" that puts a heavy burden on him and his family.

Criminal investigations are still ongoing

At the moment, the doctor of pharmacology does not want to say more about the current trial. However, if the express request is not decided in his favor, he will at least confirm that he has left his pharmacy until the allegations are also settled.

The operation of the pharmacy in Jettingen-Scheppach is one thing, the criminal appreciation of the claims of the other. Investigations in this case are not yet over, says Sebastian Murer, the spokesman for the prosecutor's office responsible, Memmingen – and therefore also did not decide whether or not a charge was laid.

The second mayor regrets the development

If the St. Martins pharmacy actually closed within a week, it would be very unfortunate for Hermann Högel. Because with this, the offer in the town of about 7500 inhabitants is severely restricted, says the second mayor, who currently represents Rathauschef Hans Reichhart. Högel does not want to evaluate the events, but mentions that no one knows who has been hurt by the products of Lyhs' pharmacy. And he mentions the solidarity of the local population with the pharmacist "who is very big".

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