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Embossed Design Mansion 11 – Lifeafter Design House

According to your request, it's the design life of the house after mansion 11, so in this video I made the 11 children of design manor! And in this design I found a new technique that can maximize the look of the glass floor.
Comment on request and let's see … Maybe the next life after home design is your request.
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Structure List:

Floor (106)
Glass floors (6)
Wall (42)
Half-wall (16)
Low wall (49)
Type 3 inclined wall (13)
Door Frame (5)
Door (2)
Sliding Glass Door (3)
Roof Type 3 (22)
Low stairs (6)

Total (275)

Note: At least mansion 11, from now on the window is not included in the "Structure List" because the window is only an additional structure. Just use what you have

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