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Short news, appointments and notes for Pfaffenhofen district and surrounding areas

Students inform in the skate room

(ty) A few days ago, the young chaplains of the town of Pfaffenhofen were looking forward to an unusual visit to the skate room: Professor Susanne Runkel from the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering of Pfaffenhofen. University of Augsburg had come to visit the room with 84 students (pictured above). Young people are studying the design of energy efficiency (E2D) during the first semester – a degree program that is between engineer and architect.

The subject "Construction Methodology" concerns the creation of sketches for a room, ie the development and calculation of a load-bearing construction and a building. The material of the columns and beams in the fiction hall should be wood because it is a durable building material. And most importantly, explained the professor, is that the students included the subsequent use of the room in their layout plan to create the best possible conditions for users.

The students took the opportunity to ask many questions on the spot. According to the municipal administration, Matthias Stadler, head of the youth department of the city of Pfaffenhofen and head of the department, Kathrin Maier, were able to convey a lot of information, for example about the height of the room, the number of spectators at competitions, lighting conditions and ventilation options.

Anyone interested can discover how skateboarding works and the skills that skaters can acquire on Saturday, October 19th. Then, from 14 hours, will be held the annual competition of skateboarding "Beatboard". Skaters from all over southern Bavaria participate and skateboarders from Pfaffenhofen have the opportunity to showcase their talents and their skateboarding hall. More information about,

Once again won 10,000 euros

(ty) It was already the sixth major saving blow by the PS this year: it is still a customer of Sparkasse Pfaffenhofen – this time from the office of Langenbruck – with 10,000 euros more. As a 1000 euros winner of the Wolnzach branch, she does not want to be named. Eva Schmirler (Langenbruck) and Sandra Huber (Pörnbach), the competent customer advisers, announced the big news. Thus, six Pfaffenhofener Sparkasse customers have already benefited from one of the main profits of 10,000 euros this year.

To save the PS, luck comes, so to speak, by standing order. Savings bank clients can already participate in the income savings with a monthly amount of five euros. Four euros are saved and one euro is used for a lot. Sparkasse supports charitable projects in society, sport and culture. There are twelve monthly draws per year and two additional special draws in June and December. Each month, each lot has the chance to win prizes of up to € 10,000, while special draws attract additional prizes.

Sale of candles for a good cause

(ty) This year also, the traditional candle sale of "Volksbunds Deutsche Kriegsgräber-Fürsorge e.V." under the motto "Lights for Peace". Here you can buy various candles, ranging from candles to pillars and pyramids to tomb lights to scented candles. Volksbund Local District President Martin Wolf (CSU), district administrator, points out that half of the proceeds from the sale of the commemorative candle is a donation to the Volksbund's work and is used exclusively for the maintenance of caskets of war.

"As a non-profit organization, the Volksbund is counting on financial aid," says Wolf. "As district president of the Volksbund, I ask the people of the district to contribute to the repair and preservation of our war cemeteries by buying commemorative plaques." War graves are a rejection of hatred and violence and a reminder of peace, "said the district administrator. You can order candles at Elisabeth Rohrer from Pfaffenhofen at phone number (0 84 41) 95 52.

Schaeffler makes 1300 places

(ty) Earlier this month, Schaeffler informed the Economic Committee about 1,300 jobs in Germany. Locations that will be affected have not been announced yet. The company justifies this step by the organizational change of the automotive industry. In the opinion of those responsible, the order situation will not recover next year. "The facts are however," says IG-Metall: "Orders, revenues and employment are currently showing a positive evolution".

"Transformation towards e-mobility is very business-intensive, so it is clear to us as a union that we also need to make a contribution, but transformation should not be seen as an opportunity to reduce staff", she said. Bernhard Stiedl, first representative of IG Metall Ingolstadt. The company committee requests a detailed explanation of the staff reduction measures on each site, the consideration of alternative solutions, the exclusion of the dismissal and the closing of the closed and relocated sites.

Robert Lauffer, chairman of the Schaeffler Factory Works Committee in Ingolstadt, said: "We finally need clarity for the Ingolstadt site, and the company's consistent policy not to inform his employees must finally come to an end. " According to IG-Metall, approximately 550 employees are currently employed on this site. According to the company, the product "MultiAir" should continue to be manufactured here. From the point of view of the company committee, the site of Ingolstadt is well placed for the future. "The site's colleagues have the necessary know-how to enter the production of electric motors in the future," said Lauffer.

Stiedl once again stresses the need to transform workers' money in the short term. Examples such as Schaeffler show that it is simply a way to help companies and employees. "Qualification for new tasks in the company must be in the foreground," says Stiedl. The impact of job cuts at Schaeffler on the Ingolstadt plant is not yet clear.

Number of passengers in high flight

(ty) In the first half of the year, a total of 226,750 aircraft took off or landed at Munich's three main airports, Nuremberg and Memmingen. This represents 2.1% more than the same period of the previous year. According to the results of the Federal Statistical Office, the State Statistics Office of Bavaria states that a total of 25.4 million passengers have flown or landed from these three airports (including transit traffic). This represents an increase of 4.3% compared to the first half of 2018.

Total freight and mail traffic at these airports decreased by 5.2% to 179 290 tonnes. At Munich's largest airport in Bavaria, the number of enplaned passengers increased by 4.8% in the first half to reach 22.7 million, with 199,805 take-offs and landings (plus 2.9%) . Just under 80% of newcomers and dropouts (79.2%) came from abroad or traveled abroad. Freight and mail volumes decreased by 5.1% to 175,535 tonnes (including transit traffic).

In Nuremberg, the number of take-offs and landings decreased by 7.9% to 19,952, compared to the same period of the previous year. Passenger numbers also decreased by 8.2% to approximately 1.8 million, with 79.8% of passengers in Nuremberg being foreign passengers (new arrivals and dropouts). Freight and mail volumes decreased by 10.7% to 3,742 tonnes. Of the approximately 851,000 passengers in Memmingen (plus 25.4%), almost all were foreign travelers. Memmingen reported a total of 6993 take-offs and landings, up 13.2% from the same period last year.

Focus on fundamentalism

(pba) "Fundamentalism is not an abstract and distant phenomenon, but often seems closer than imagined," says the Diocese of Augsburg, which also includes parts District of Pfaffenhofen. A study day on "Fundamentalism – a phenomenon far too close" will take place on Saturday 9 November from 9.30 to 15.30 at Haus Ortisei in Augsburg. The seminar will explore the issue of content and actors as well as motivation and motivations for fundamentalist behavior and thought in religion and politics from a theological and psychological point of view.

The speakers are Dr. med. theol. Andreas Matena, Research Assistant at the Chair of Fundamental Theology at the University of Augsburg, as well as Pastor Claus Cuppok, Advisor on Marriage, Family and Life and Deputy Head of the Psychological Counseling Center for marriage, family and life in the Diocese of Augsburg. Divided into three thematic blocks, speakers will explain the term "fundamentalism", indicate the characteristics of a fundamentalist and address the issue of one's own self and its behavior in the face of the phenomenon.

The study day is organized by the Department of Religion and Philosophy and the Psychological Counseling Center for Marriage, Family and Life. The participation fee is twelve euros. Students and students pay only two euros. In addition, each 14 euros for food (lunch and drink). Registrations can be made until 31 October at the Department of Religious and Philosophical Affairs of Department VI (Basic Questions), telephone (08 21) 31 66 – 66 13, E-Mail: This email address is protected against spambots. To view JavaScript must be enabled!,

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