The renovation "Kaiser" should start in the spring

In fact, it should go on the roof of the "German Kaiser" in August, but for construction work, the listed building of the Heddesheimer Unterdorfstraße has nothing to do. Inside, the new owner, Sebastian Mandel, and his wife Anja Langenbach build on the inn's tradition and open up the economy on special days and occasions, such as Kerwe.

The general renovation is not on the ice, explains Mandel. "We want to develop the building carefully and sustainably, so we spend a little more time on the project," says the full-time architect. There are several reasons for this. Above all, Almond is not looking for the simplest way, but the one who keeps the story of the house.

"We are in constant contact with the Office for the conservation of monuments, which is very positive at the moment," he said in an interview with the "MM". But overall, the votes are complex and time consuming. Added to this is the question of future use. "We are always looking for a tenant," says the owner. Mandel and the community, who supported the project as a whole, would like to have another innkeeper on the ground floor. However, other options are possible, such as office, law firm or practice. "Before submitting the building application, we need to know what's going on there," Mandel explains. Given that winter is approaching anyway, which makes the start of roof renovation work less significant, the actual construction site should not start until the spring of 2020.

"Very positive answer"

When the summer time difference was announced, Mandel had the idea of ​​opening the Emperor as the economy. "It's clear that we can not just do it that way," he laughs. Of course, he had to take courses to get the required restaurant permit and at least invest in the kitchen. But he does not regret the decision: "It's a lot of fun and the answer is totally positive," he said. Heddesheimer Brauamt beer, almond and his wife also serve a lot.

In the fund, sporadic but labor-intensive trade is not worth it. "But we are very happy that the Kaiser is secondary work by passion," says the "amateur innkeeper". Incidentally, he has already accepted a very special reservation for the coming weekend: for a couple who met at the Kaiser 57 years ago – Kerwe.


In Kerwe reopen the doors of "the Emperor": Anja Langenbach and Sebastian Mandel invite on Friday, October 18 at 5 pm to serve and home-made food in the traditional economy. On Saturday, October 19th, there will be a Kerwe party with a DJ starting at 8pm and a lunch on Sunday October 20th. Booking:

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