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The derby between Herrsching and the Alpenvolleys is a duel between equals. The Ammersee team cultivates its alternative image, Haching is (the partner) condemned to success.

Some work on the balance (Herrsching), the other (the Alpenvolleys), Italian writers ("Go, let people talk" – Dante), in order to prepare for the taunts expected from the opposing speaker: Already the Speeches delivered before the Volleys Herrsching match in the Bundesliga against the Haching Alpenvolleys on Thursday (at the 20-minute clock, Nikolaushalle) made much more reference to the opponent than usual. The fact that the Derby character due to the Tyrolean siege in Innsbruck is only conditionally awarded balances Erstliga's combined history of the two teams which, despite their brevity, offer a series of spectacular encounters.

The most impressive was probably the second pre-season quarter-final playoff game, in which Herrsching beat Innsbruck's import into his Unterhaching branch – live on free TV – and forced him to make decisions. However, it is not only the sporting factors that give the duel a particular explosiveness, but also fundamentally different concepts. On the one hand, the triennial plan of the Austrian volleyball icon Hannes Kronthaler, designed on a drawing board and funded by bottlenecks, on the other, the Herrschinger Spontis, which entered the first division six years ago under the name of "Geilster Club der Welt", full of thirst for adventure and Structures gradually adapted to the needs.

While Herrsching remained anchored in the area, the Alpenvolleys were under surveillance from the beginning to determine whether they would succeed in establishing a link with the German league. CEO Kronthaler himself sometimes goes to court with his own licensor, Unterhaching: sponsorship acquisition of keywords. The public debate is more about the topic that not a single German player is part of the team, while it is in Herrsching seven. However, this imbalance is less related to the fact that alpine flights are transnational than sporting goals.

Kronthaler wants to see his team in the championship final. He pays – and expects total concentration on volleyball. According to Kronthaler, the young German players who matched this profile aspired to join other European championships or to assert requirements they did not want to meet. Herrsching offers in order to reach the playoffs, more freedom for players like Tom Strohbach, who decided to study against the Alpenvolleys. After last season, Captain Lukas Bauer bid farewell to seventh place – and the Masters at work. Currently, the oldest of the team, Libero Ferdinand Tille, 30, works alongside his sport at his university degree. The qualitative differences that result from the different focus, however, appear more and more towards the end of the season – not at the beginning. Although Herrsching coach Max Hauser clearly ranks the Alpenvolleys among the "best teams", he therefore believes that "we have a chance if we have not dropped out". The Alpenvolleys give up in their turn before the early defensive duel. "The race is still tight," says Kronthaler, "if we lose a point or two now, we will not do a big circus." Both teams scored three points in their first games, but each revealed large areas of attack. Hauser felt that it was possible to improve all the elements, Kronthaler said diplomatically: "The first match is never easy."

Both teams are rare on the outside positions: Herrsching 's Strohbach is still undergoing rehabilitation and will probably not be ready for action before the end of the year. The Alpenvolleys do not have their Australian entries Jordan Richards and Max Staples, who will arrive Thursday. Hauser expects only minimal benefits. "It may be a little easier to analyze, but those in the field are pretty good, it's not a second six," he says. "We must do our homework."

Do your own tasks first, follow your own path – Dante can get along on both sides.

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