[PLUS] Graphics card drivers as features to purchase? Anti-lag test, Radeon image refinement and Nvidia Freestyle

The new Radeon showed an interesting performance during the test, which is obviously an effect of the new architecture. But not only is the architecture new, with the gift of Navi to AMD, new driver features. Anti-Lag is a particularly interesting feature, a measure to reduce the time of entry. We describe our impressions and test the gains that can be expected from Radeon Anti-Lag. Another novelty: Radeon Image Sharpening, short RIS. Behind, there is a retouch algorithm, which can be activated by simply pressing a button on the driver. AMD promises a sharper image without significant performance loss. A low screen resolution should be an advantage, which mainly reminds Sweet FX or Reshade. PC Games Hardware performs the hands-on test and also explores the possibilities offered by Nvidia. In addition, we measure performance costs.

Overlay of pilots: adjustments on the fly

Meanwhile, AMD and Nvidia propose a driver overlay to make real-time changes to the game. With the help of the AMD driver, for example, you can easily turn on anti-lag or Radeon cooling. mentioned above, a technique that ensures that the graphics card automatically syncs into quieter scenes. Even overclocking or under-tuning is possible via Wattman. Nvidia goes in a different direction: not only Geforce Experience is needed, but you can also use the "only" Nvidia Overlay filter for image selection, in order to prioritize colors. In addition to thumbnail and saturation options, Nvidia also offers an option to make the image sharper.

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The following topics can be found in the article:

  • Tested: Radeon Anti-Lag and Nvidia Low Latency
  • Landmarks: pilot latency
  • Tested: Radeon Image Sharpening and Nvidia Freestyle
  • Markers: sharpness filter
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider image comparison
  • Anno 1800 image comparison

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