Renovation of a school in Freising – The glass roof is leaking – Freising

The Aula of the FOS / BOS will receive a new glazing, which should also avoid overheating

For two years, the fire protection of the Fachoberschule / Berufsoberschule (FOS / BOS) of the Wippenhauser Straße in Freising has been undergoing renovation. Architect Sebastian Habermeyer, whose office is in charge of the task, presented a brief interim report on the progress of work on the District Council School Committee. The county councils took note and decided to take two other measures. The glazing of the auditorium should be like a fire escape. For the renovation of the glass roof, a budget of 220 000 euros is planned for the coming year and 100 000 euros for the stairs of relief.

Habermeyer referred to the preliminary investigations that were carried out. In buildings as old as the FOS / BOS, participants have never been spared surprises. "The devil is often in the details," said Habermeyer. Its reassuring effect on county councils was that there was no increase in costs. "We are proud and pleased to have formulated this way," said Habermeyer. Job synchronization was a logistical challenge. After all, they could only happen during the holidays. A few days of vacation, like Easter, the days of work have simply disappeared. Out of ten possible, only eight remain at the end.

During the summer holidays, work on the ceiling had begun. Because the responsible company had started late, there were delays. The company has caught a complaint. The remaining work will now be done during the autumn holidays. Additional costs were incurred by the complete remediation of pollutants and the complete expansion of the auditorium. Nearly € 102,000 could be saved in the design of outdoor installations. This is currently not necessary. The reason is the impending over-planning of the entire area of ​​the Wippenhauser Straße schools. Habermeyer has forecast costs of 1.26 million euros for the renovation of fire protection. The cost calculation went from just under 1.37 million euros.

During the course of the work, it became apparent that the canvases of the auditorium canopy could no longer be closed due to mechanical damage. Other research has shown that rainwater can penetrate to various places in the glass roof. In previous repairs, unauthorized glass panels were installed. The glazing no longer meets current standards. The administration proposes the installation of thermal insulating glass after consultation with the architect and a company specializing in glass construction. This should prevent it from getting too hot in the auditorium. The renewal of a fire escape is also being renewed. She had to be stopped because of the danger of collapse. Currently, a scaffold tower is used as a replacement.

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