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ARM cooperates again despite the ban of the United States with smartphone maker Huawei

UK chip designer ARM plans to continue licensing Chinese smartphone maker Huawei to develop smart-on-chip systems for ARM-enabled smartphones. An internal investigation revealed that the ARM architecture was not affected by the US embargo, confirmed the company The register, Huawei can continue to license and integrate ARM computing cores into its own processors when the grace period for embargoed technology in the United States expires in November.

In May 2019, ARM had as a precautionary cooperation with Huawei following the emergency telecommunications in the United States. Although ARM is a British company, it has nine offices in the United States. In addition, ARM is a sister company of US mobile phone operator Sprint within the Japanese group Softbank. The internal investigation, however, revealed that the ARMv8a architecture and its successor were too underdeveloped to be considered "American". ARM is therefore not affected by the telecommunication crisis, as The register reported.

In the context of the trade war between the United States and China, the US government had notably blacklisted Huawei. US companies are allowed to trade with Huawei only with a special license. Huawei is no longer allowed to provide new smartphones with Google services. The United States has security concerns and allegations of espionage against Huawei, but no evidence has been provided.

At one end of the collaboration with ARM, the consequences would have been even more serious: Huawei should trample on, without access to ARM Core Design, a totally clean CPU development from the ground up. In case of emergency, the company would not even have received a basic ARM64 license and would not be allowed to design compatible processors. HiSilicon Kirin 990, for example, contains four ARM Cortex A76 and Cortex A55 cores. Still in its server processors, Huawei relies on ARM designs – in the Hi1620, up to 64 cores with the Ares code name and 7nm technology.


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