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The most popular Instagram hot spots in the country

With its colorful colors, golden light and some mystical fog strip, autumn is an opportunity to take pictures gratefully. Whether it's photos of hikes or videos of walks in bushy foliage – you hardly support it now, especially on the Instagram social media platform, autumn photos past.

The mountainous regions of Lower Austria, such as the Rax region, the Peilstein Nature Park and the Hohe Wand Nature Park, are often photographed with breathtaking and mountain-like formations. The natural park located south of Vienna convinces with 200 steel steps, the rocky path, which seem to fill the fog with nothingness. But the Skywalk, an observation platform, is also popular with Instagram users. If you prefer to travel by car rather than on foot, you will also find many pictures on the scenic Panorama Mountain Road. The magnificent views and steep rocks of the Rax region, the Höllental and Jakobskogel are other popular places for photographers. At sunset, the Peilstein south of Wienerwald is a beautiful motif with its steep rock faces.

"Working with long exposures"

Local lakes are also popular motifs on Instagram according to Lower Austria Tourism. The Lunzer See at the foot of the Dürrenstein impresses with its emerald green water, but also by the proximity of Obersee, with its small island covered with spruce, is particularly photogenic. In addition, the Ottensteiner tank offers many beautiful motivations that make you want to take pictures. If the waters of the lakes are too calm, you can visit the Ysperklamm south of the Waldviertel. Through narrow ravines and high rocks, the Ysper winds along the path and forms special rock formations and wild waterfalls. An overview of tourism in Lower Austria: "To be able to create the dream white sails when shooting water, you are working there – like a strip of light on the highways – with a long exposure."

Lower Austria has not only the jewels of nature, but also of architecture. Especially in autumn, palaces, castles and ruins are particularly mystical. Laxenburg Castle Park and Grafenegg Castle, with their detailed and historic architecture, allow you to dream of the past and offer many exciting photo opportunities. In addition to the imposing Burg Kreuzenstein fortress and the ruins of Aggstein Castle, you also have historic buildings and magnificent views as motifs.

The historic Semmering railway, the first high-altitude railway in Austria, also offers special perspectives for amateur and professional photographers. For example, from "20-Schilling-Blick" on the Bahnradwanderweg you have a view of the "Kalte Rinne" viaduct. The gallery of the Wildendürnbach Winery in the Weinviertel is also a historic opportunity to take pictures. From Galgenberg, 184 presses and wine cellars can be photographed.

The ranking of the most popular Instagram spots in Lower Austria:

  • 1. Naturpark Hohe Wand
  • 2. Schlosspark Laxenburg
  • 3. The ruins of the castle of Aggstein
  • 4. Rax Jakobskogel
  • 5. Lake Lunzer
  • 6. Castle Kreuzenstein
  • 7. Grafenegg Castle
  • 8. Semmering Railway, World Heritage
  • 9. Ysperklamm
  • 10. Peilstein
  • 11. Kellergasse Wildendürnbach
  • 12. Ottenstein Reservoir

More information and photos on the Lower Austria Tourism website

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