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Zurich Art Prize 2019: Leonor Antunes at Zurich's Haus Konstruktiv

Born in Lisbon in 1972, Leonor Antunes relies explicitly on the works and ideas of renowned artists from the fields of architecture, design and art of the twentieth century, as written by Haus Konstruktiv in his Press release. He borrows forms and patterns from furniture and architecture, moves them away from their original context and assembles them into new sculptural works and environments.

In Haus Konstruktiv, Antunes presents works from groups of works from the years 2017 and 2018. She deals mainly with female personalities long neglected by the history of art and architecture.

Among them, the furniture designer and Cuban interior architect Clara Porset (1895-1981), whose Antunes recalls the meaning with the sculptural objects "Clara I-V, VII". Some of these items look a lot like Porset 's woven chairs and armchairs, while in others, the style is much more freely translated.

The letters C and P used in the title of the exhibition do not only represent the initials of Clara Porset, but also those of the designer and architect Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999). Antunes praises the work of the French pioneer and named three of his works "Charlotte". The other exhibitions – "Franca I, II, III" and "Sergio" – are tributes to the Italian designer and architect Franca Helg (1920-1989) and the Brazilian Sergio Rodrigues (1927-2014).

Until 12 January 2020, Haus Konstruktiv will present two other exhibitions. On the one hand, it is dedicated to Roman Clemens (1910-1992), a former Bauhaus student, who presents works from the museum's collection. This show was created 100 years ago. For its part, the museum is dedicated to Camille Graeser (1892-1980), who was part of the narrowest concrete circle in Zurich, under the title "Becoming a Concrete Artist". nda