A meeting place for young and old in Ostercappeln

Ostercappeln. "After the first shock at the beginning of the year, when it was said that we had to leave the manse, we worked well with this solution, which meant that we not only got it right, but we We think that the conversion of kindergarten is a stroke of luck for us, "said Angelika Otte of the team of the Catholic Public Library, who has since moved into the house at Kirchplatz 4 in Ostercappeln .

In the presence of the entire team and many visitors, large and small, the new rooms of the library are now officially used. But what was the reason for this move? While the St. Lambertus Children's Garden is being renovated, the facility is to be transferred to the Ostercappeln Catholic Parish House for about two years. Until now, the library had its home there. The Schwagstorf Children's Garden is also being rebuilt. "It starts at Easter, so that the groups are divided, two go to the parish hall and two to Schwagstorf, it takes about two years, after which Schwagstorf will be rebuilt to last four to five years," said Sara. Rahe du Bücherteeam.

"The costs of the sub-project" Library "amount to about 25 000. This includes the costs for manual work such as masonry, flooring, electrical work and painting, as well as for the new shelf unit (carpentry) ", explains architect Matthias Loheide.

In the new rooms of the library was also done the same thing. Photo: Christa Ehtel

As the library is under the auspices of the Catholic parish, Father José Mathew Kuzhichalil said of the reopening: "We are pleased that this building and its new design were created thanks to dedication, collaboration and solidarity many people, and today it will be restored to its purpose. "

Offer reading materials

He further emphasized: "This should not only be a library that we reopen today, but also a meeting place for all those seeking exchange, fellowship and enrichment in a small group." The cleric wished, "Let all those who live in work and offer reading materials, make their service enjoyable, and all the users of this library will find interesting books and a deep enrichment." Then, Father José blessed the library rooms.

The team of Ostercappelner Bücherei – Angelika Otte, Gaby Bretholt, Ursula Koberg, Anita Rehme, Katrin Koll, Ute Klasmeier, Vera Bölscher, Sara Rahe and Susanne Winkler – is looking forward to these new premises. Mechthild von Wendt is missing. Photo: Christa Bechtel

Angelika Otte thanked the church council for its welcome. "He was very committed to all things that needed to be renovated and rebuilt here." Thanks also to the architect Matthias Loheide, "who always supported us with words and deeds, without his support we could not have accomplished the transformation that it has become. of course, also to the political community. "Angelika Otte received Mayor Rainer Ellermann, Mayor Peter Kovermann and Council President Rainer Brackmann.

Council President Rainer Brackmann (2nd from right) presented a gift to Angelika Otte from the library team. Photo: Christa Bechtel

On behalf of the local council, Mayor Rainer Ellermann and Peter Kovermann, Rainer Brackmann then congratulated for the new premises. He said humorously, "It's great that the library has moved – here in the center of the church and a lot closer to the church square, it's a stroke of luck." In the context of the digital age, it would certainly be fine, "if take a real book to read.Books are very important because they broaden our horizons, stimulate the imagination," said Brackmann, who also thanked the library team for maintaining the public library. "He is always well cared for," said the President of the Council, who had a present in his luggage.

Hours of opening

Finally, the inauguration of the new premises included an event for the children. Here, Sebastian Melcher and Jonas Koppitz, of the Catholic Youth (KJO), offer games like ladder golf, throwing, Jenga (address game consisting of cuboid shaped wooden elements) or Viking chess. In the future, the library will reopen Wednesdays from 15:30 to 17:00 and Sundays from 10:00 to 11:30 for young and old.

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