District of Biberach has been rewarded as an employer

For the fourth time since 2010, the district of Biberach has been distinguished as a family-friendly employer and continues to be part of the circle of approved enterprises, institutions and universities of the Federal Republic of Germany. The certificate will be awarded publicly in the second quarter of 2020 as part of a festive event in Berlin.

"It's a nice confirmation of our activities, that we are committed to reconciling family and work," commented District Administrator, Heiko Schmid, on the occasion of the awarding of the Hertie Foundation as a family-friendly employer. The district of Biberach has a very strong human resources policy in terms of reconciliation of work, family and care for its employees. It offers a variety of measures and offers, such as flexible hours, part-time work, telecommuting, mobile work, childcare and occupational health management.

Another benefit of the audit is that it connects administrations, businesses and audited institutions and also provides a professional exchange of information with the Hertie Foundation.

Employee Dialogue Day

In order to obtain the certificate again, the district office had to report on the personnel policy and organize a day of internal dialogue during the most recent procedures. Under the moderation of the listener, Patrick Frede, 30 employees from various offices and levels of specialists discussed the operation of compatibility between career, family and care, and what could look like in the future a Staff policy focused on the phase of life.

In addition, there was a desire to better tailor home-based health management to life stages and to provide mindfulness and resiliency training. The developed proposals have been summarized in an action program and will be reviewed over the next three years to determine feasibility and implemented to the extent possible.

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