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Erding – Inauguration ceremony of the works of the new entrance building – Erding

The 1672 farm must be associated with the new culture of Erdinger Farm Museum

"It will be a jewel," said architect Udo Rieger on Tuesday during the inauguration ceremony of the new entrance building of the Bauernhausmuseum Erding, whose heart will be an old secular building from 1672 It was completely mined a year ago in Pesenlern near Wartenberg. All recyclable materials such as beams, doors and windows have been stored. In the west of the newly built farm, a farm building with the same profile must be built, in which the farmer's market must benefit from a timely environment. In the displaced secular building, the cash register, an information stand and a permanent exhibition will be installed from mid-2021. The building is also intended to receive toilets and accessible to the disabled.

Before the state of the building in Pesenlern, debates had taken place in advance. This was also discussed at the groundbreaking ceremony, as the farm house has a roof, but there are only two others in a radius of about 100 kilometers, according to District Administrator Martin Bayerstorfer (CSU). In his words of welcome, OB Max Gotz (CSU) of Erding acknowledged that it included the acoustic wreck, which was largely describing the state of the old mining farm . But it was possible to preserve more than wood, as originally feared, said Rieger.

Due to the deplorable situation, some county councils have criticized the decision to move the old laymen building. The fact that the transfer and the new associated building should cost 2.5 million euros to the district was too high given the tight budget, he was told. "The 2.5 million are well spent," OB Gotz said at the groundbreaking ceremony. On one side, it was already time to create a "modern and modern situation" for the museum and the peasant market, and "in our troubled times", it was also necessary to preserve things that lasted another time. It was important to "document our origins and our roots" and the secular building of 1672 was part of these roots and consolidated the history of the city and county. This would benefit children, schools and tourists visiting the Erdinger Farmhouse Museum.

District administrator Bayerstorfer also stressed the importance of creating the museum in 1989. He was 30 years old this year, "and more alive than ever". He stressed that agriculture has long been the educational structure of Bavaria. The number of farms has decreased with the beginning of industrialization, but even today, we look with "great esteem" for farmers who "provide us with evidence that seems self-evident with what we need to live ". The Erdinger Farmhouse Museum on Taufkirchener Straße is a living testimony to this evolution.

Architect Udo Rieger said he was lucky when implementing and rebuilding the building because it was not a listed building. Otherwise, the expected cost of 2.5 million euros would not be enough. Without monument protection, you also have greater freedom of design in planning. It could even be a bit cheaper after the field study, as you will probably have less water problems than you fear. "You will not regret receiving the farm," Rieger said. Unlike the old house, many things will change in the news, the architect hinted: "You will be surprised at what we have proposed."