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Here's how the new Skoda Octavia drives

Always in the camouflage dress

First race in the new Škoda Octavia

With almost identical dimensions, the new Skoda Octavia looks bigger than its predecessor.

(Photo: Claus Peter Dudek)

Covered driving is the name given to driving a car under your feet, even if it is still in the costume of Erlkönig. Of course, there is still a lot to see, but has always felt what the Škoda Octavia felt for the fourth generation.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Octavia, Škoda makes a very special gift: a new Octavia. In other words: the fourth generation of the most successful compact of Czech production will go to dealers in the first quarter of next year. And that's all. Škoda not only packed everything in the new edition, which is available in VW shelves, but also no installed part, which was used in the previous generation. For Bernhard Maier, Škoda's boss, the new Octavia is also a milestone in the brand's transformation process. In the coming years, 30 new models will be built in Mladá Boleslav.

Behind the hatchback of the Skoda Octavia Combi is a storage area of ​​640 liters.

(Photo: Claus Peter Dudek)

But before that, let's take a look at the Octavia, still in camouflage attire. Despite this colorful screen, the bestseller seems wider and wider than its predecessor. "This is not the case," said development chief Christian Strube. "At 4.69 meters, the new station wagon is only 2.2 cm longer and 1.5 cm longer than the old one, but we have of course tried to preserve the virtues for which we are known, so if the car looks bigger, we did everything right. "do they really have. Without knowing the exact numbers, the feeling of space is usually lush. Large adults might still have a problem with the new interior design. The daring momentum that extends over the center console and quotes the chrome clasp above the radiator grille protrudes a little inside to allow you to bang your right knee.

The air becomes lean

All the details are not visible on the car, camouflaged on the outside and on the inside. What is visible, however, seems promising. But there is a triviality that the author has already aroused in the Scala Sour. Also in the Octavia, you have removed the wheeled air vents and left only the side shift lever, which opens or closes the outlets depending on the direction. This means that it is no longer possible to direct the two central nozzles towards the driver or front passenger. Worse still, even the outer nozzles only broadcast their full flow on the side windows.

The will or constraint of saving has unfortunately hit the wrong place, because otherwise, the new Octavia is a model of technical innovations. The pilot does not attack anymore with a steering wheel with three branches, but with one to two spokes. In the multifunction variant, 14 different functions can be configured on the 10 inch virtual cockpit via chrome knobs and knobs. As in higher class vehicles, driving data, such as speed and speeds, can be displayed in various forms on the TFT. On the other hand, the entire screen can be used to display the Navis. If this is too elaborate in the end, you can of course also use analog round matrix matrix instruments and the swing sound system in the entry-level version.

Fully digital

The author has already been friends with the new Skoda Octavia.

(Photo: Michael Gebhardt)

The second generation of War Swing, which is simply a radio, is now on the center console, an 8.5-inch monitor, which offers, as in the higher equipment ranges, Bolero, Amundsen and Columbus, the possibility to mirror the smartphone via Bluetooth. Thus, Apple device users can use CarPlay and Google Maps without cable. "If you use Android on your smartphone, you have to wait for a moment to benefit from this feature," says development director Strube. By removing an excessive number of keys, Škoda also let the analog control buttons of the air-conditioning system disappear and placed them under the lower edge of the central monitor as a permanent digital bar. Very clever is the fact that you can adjust the volume via a touch slider, so a touch slider below the central screen by a swipe. If you spread two fingers on this surface, you can also enlarge the map view of the Navis and reduce it in the opposite way.

But with all digital innovations, of course, the question arises: how does such a new Octavia behave? In addition, the ergo seats, with the two-spoke valance already mentioned, give an absolutely solid impression. For the first output, two engines are available: a 1.5 liter gasoline engine with 150 hp, the maximum torque of 250 Newton meters is distributed via a six-speed manual transmission and a diesel engine, the displacement of 2, 0 liters and 150 hp. draws, but whose power is distributed by the known DSG over seven stages.

Finally decent paddles

In this latter embodiment, however, the driver no longer finds the usual shift lever in the center console, but a rump rather chic, as in the new Golf 8, on which the driving levels are transmitted electronically to the gearbox. Octavia is thus the first Škoda to use Shift-by-Wire technology. Nothing changes for the driver. Unless, he used to have gears from time to time on the selector. This is no longer possible. But that's not bad, because Škoda has finally missed Octavia paddles of decent size, making the choice of equipment less an exercise for the fingers, but a set of fingers.

Camouflage in the Skoda Octavia in formation.

(Photo: Claus Peter Dudek)

About the engines can not be much talked about after the first camouflage. Nothing else: Neither the petrol engine nor the diesel seemed to have a head down in the new Octavia. Both shone with a good pass, the handset was on short paths in the streets and the seven-speed automat delighted by the well-known speed distribution for years. To draw a picture of consumption, the routes were too short. But we can say about diesel driven: Like three other TDI engines, it will be part of the new generation EVO. The distinguishes the method "Twindosing" for the purification of exhaust gases. In this process, AdBlue is targeted to two SCR catalysts arranged one behind the other. This catalytic converter and the second catalytic converter reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by about 80% compared to the previous generation of respective engines, promises Skoda. After all, this should make diesel acceptable, but leave it for frequent travelers – and are well known for a fairly Octavia – attractive enough.

From top to bottom

The bestseller in its new edition is also attractive to those who want to invite a lot and who want a lot of space in the second row, that is to say families. The load compartment of the station wagon increased from 30 to 640 liters more than its predecessor. The sedan now has 600 liters of storage space. Even the new "sleeping package" could spark the interest of parents. This includes large headrests with foldable croissants, so the head does not fall out of control. In addition, the package includes a hug blanket.

The new Skoda Octavia wears a lot under the dress, which also has the Golf 8.

(Photo: Claus Peter Dudek)

So that no one is torn by a bumpy road coming out of Morpheus' arms, the new Octavia eventually offers the DCC, which was already available in the predecessor. The adaptive suspension control continuously adjusts suspension and damping to road conditions. In addition, as usual, four levels of speed are available. They are not only reflected on the chassis, they also modify the gas curve and the automatic transmission, as well as the switching times. Sports purists can of course also opt for a 1.5-inch lowered chassis. For Badwegfahrer, he goes into Octavia Scout and then with the same number at the top. In the end, this means that there will also be an Octavia RS and a model line for the coarser model in the form of the Scout. Plus, electromobility friends can look forward to a plug-in hybrid in holding the bestseller.

The Octavia will celebrate its world premiere in Prague on November 11th. And it will be interesting to see how the fourth generation of Czechs will arrive to the public once he has dropped his camouflage dress.