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Where most of the remains of a nursery are dried up, today is a mine of engines. In the brick industrial building of Lichtenberg, not far from the spying museum, the Craftwerk Berlin is now the new home of women, men and their motorcycles.

The joints between the tiles of the historic hall of 900 square meters (in the era of the GDR, it was the old bakery of the old Berliner Konsumgenossenschaft) are not yet completely dry .

And yet, it is already a place of pilgrimage for bikers, who also like to dirty their hands. Or just come to wonder. There are large workshops, parking spaces, an exhibition hall and a café.

Asked about the number of motorcycles, Michael Weber answers: "I think … 23 …" (Photo: Cäthe Pfläging / Craftwerk Berlin)

Michael Weber (51) is an architect. With Max Funk (34), Cäthe Pfläging (46) and Roman Sauter (42), supported by YouTuber Nils Homann (46), he literally owns the only self-propelled garage in Europe from the sad rest of the GDR, endowed of a rough equipment and an irrepressible will chiseled.

What helped them realize their dream?

"We are all self-employed with both legs in professional life," said Michael Weber.

The Craftwerk Berlin showroom (Photo: Patricia Sevilla Ciordia / Craftwerk Berlin)
The Craftwerk Berlin showroom (Photo: Patricia Sevilla Ciordia / Craftwerk Berlin)

And Max Funk adds, "I have the vision that craftwerk can become an important place for motorcycling culture and develop a charisma that exceeds membership to us." And this must be celebrated now – with a grand opening on November 2nd.

From 14h Flea Market / 20h Evening, Craftwerk Berlin (courtyard), Josef-Orlopp-Str. 56, Lichtenberg.

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