International Architecture Award for Munster Planners: New Award-Winning Studio Rooms – Münster

Planning was the responsibility of the two architects Andreas Schüring Architekten BDA <! –-> and Bühler Architekten BDA. The team of architects working with Stephan Weber <! –->, also on the new building of the library of architecture and art on the internationally award winning Leonardo campus, indicates a press release.

The architects were particularly pleased with the high distinction, have caused the construction of the architect, construction and real estate operations (BLB) as a builder, and the Academy of Arts as a "builder". users by the bankruptcy of two companies in the important trades considerable problems and therefore huge delays and cost increases have led.

Distinctive atmosphere

The new Academy studios located in the historic district of the former Royal Barracks retain the outer form of the ancient roofs of the whole classified. However, the studios are equipped with a modern wooden support system, prefabricated, without support and illuminated by a generous glazing according to the natural light of the studio.

According to the press release, it was possible to create rooms with a particular and special atmosphere for art students, studios that particularly impressed the jury as a successful example of conservation of modern monuments.

This appreciation has also resulted in other architectural awards, such as the most prestigious Gold Award of the German Design Award 2019, a recognition of the Deutscher Holzbaupreis 2019 and the Best of Best Award for the Iconic Award 2018.

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