Munich: Initiative considers demolition work at the main station illegal

The demolition and new construction of the main train station are illegal – according to the Munich Architecture and Culture Initiative. She therefore filed a criminal complaint.

The reason for the complaint is at the top of the document: "Destruction of a Public Monument". This is the major project of demolition and construction of the main station. "A black building is celebrated here in public," scolds Karl Hofmann, president of the Munich Initiative for Architecture and Culture (AKU).

Dieter Martin, Bamberg monument rights expert, member of the AKU and citizen of Munich, has filed a criminal complaint against the Deutsche Bahn, Stadtbaurätin Elisabeth Merk (independent) and the head of the National Office for the preservation of historical monuments (LFD), Mathias Pfeil.

Point of contention: architectural character of the main station

"The removal of a monument is subject to authorization," says the lawsuit. Although the demolition of the central station is not yet complete, at least now, the monumental property has been destroyed.

He lacked the necessary approval for the demolition – until today, Dieter Martin justified the criminal complaint. The fact that an authorization for the demolition was never granted would have resulted in additional investigations by the authority of protection of the lower monuments.

The train stops. "For the demolition, a valid plan has been approved, resulting in a public planning approval process," said a spokesman for the train at AZ's request. There is therefore a definitive basis for demolition. "In the reception building, only the clock and the relief of the old main entrance are listed," said the spokesman. The relief had been removed and stored and found in the new building a square. A speaker from the planning department says, "It's clear for a long time that it's not a monument."

Absence of verification of the properties of the monuments?

Martin strongly doubts that the properties of the monuments have been sufficiently tested. In addition: The text for the approval of the plan is not publicly available. "While the train, the city and the LFD are denying the monumental nature of the main train station, I guess it has not been incorporated or taken into account in the planning approval process," he said. said Martin. He himself had clearly demonstrated the monumental characteristics in a separate study.

Hofmann of the AKU also sees the city hall in office: "During the illegal demolition of Uhrmacherhäusls, local politics, including OB Dieter Reiter, has demonstrated a huge protest." One could not help thinking that "all big investors suddenly kiss each other".

This article was written by Emily Engels

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