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In the new Taufkirchner primary school in the forest, children have to learn in colorful areas. On a facade design, the construction committee can not yet be agreed

The Am Wald primary school in Taufkirchen is colorful – but only about ten meters in length at the entrance. A colorful lettering on an awning greets students, teachers and visitors. Apart from this, the school is mainly gray concrete. And yet.

For the new construction of the primary school, which lasts for a year, will someday be anything but colorless and monotonous. Within the building, the areas of each class, called learning groups, must each be assigned to a color family: magenta, green, yellow, and blue. From the outside, the new school could even be more colorful. For this purpose, colored wooden slats are applied on the facade. They reproduce the entire spectrum of colors around the building. This is the idea of ​​the Munich AGN architecture office, which Christoph Mauz presented to the building committee. Its members praised in unison the color scheme inside the school, which was approved unanimously. However, the committee has not yet decided on the design of the facade. Here, critics of both the coloring and the material stirred. The alternatives must now be considered before the committee makes a decision.

The new mayor Ullrich Sander (parteifrei), the largest project in the history of Taufkirchen, cost around 34 million euros in total. As the head of the town hall pointed out at the meeting, construction is proceeding as planned, so the move by the end of 2020 is expected to take place. Depending on the year, students are then greeted by a particular color that runs throughout the learning group at different levels of brightness: on walls, furniture, stands and surfaces printed glass allowing teachers to move from the classroom to the common area. watch. "Each group has its own identity on its own color," said architect Mauz. A concept that has received approval. "I think the color scheme has a lot of success in the interior," said Rosemarie Weber, SPD leader. "But I have a problem with the facade."

According to the proposal of the architecture office, colored wood slats should be installed – around the building and in twelve different colors reflecting the spectrum of colors, according to Mauz. As a result, on the west facade, a course would extend from green to blue and south from blue-green to orange. Meanwhile, the view from the east has changed from yellow to red, from north to red to purple; and the playground, according to the architect, one would have all the colors from orange to purple in the head. The slats about six centimeters wide will receive a mineral wood finish, which the manufacturer guarantees a service life of ten years, according to Mauz. When several local councils asked how expensive it was to repaint after this period, the architect could not answer. As "irresponsible", Paul Haberl (CSU) estimated these costs, which is why he rejected the wooden slats, as well as Peter Soellner (SPD), who said: "My concerns are considerable, especially on the south side and West, where we are developing housing. "However, Gabi Zaglauer has ruled in favor of a colorful facade of the Greens, who wish however that their final decision depends on the subsequent costs of wooden slats.

These will now be calculated by the architecture office and presented to members of the construction committee at the November meeting. For comparison purposes, the costs of metal lamellae and untreated larch wood will be presented.

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